’90s era Jean Grey joins the X-men collection

Jean Grey Premium Format Figure

Sideshow is proud to present the Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure.

Jean Grey Premium Format FigureOne of the first X-Men, and an Omega-level mutant with both telekinesis and telepathy at her command, over the years Jean Grey has reached levels of near limitless power. But despite her abilities, the beloved Marvel beauty’s history is fraught with struggle and tragedy.

Jean Grey Premium Format Figure

Originally a student of Professor Xavier operating under the alias ‘Marvel Girl,’ Jean Grey has been the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, recurrent host for the Phoenix Force, and even resurrected after the cataclysmic events of the Dark Phoenix Saga, in which she was responsible for billions of deaths – including her own. It is only appropriate that a woman who has undergone so many dramatic transformations would require a new wardrobe from time to time…

“Like a Phoenix, from the ashes”

Jean Grey Key Art by Fabian SchlagaExpertly crafted in 1:4 scale, Jean Grey strikes a signature pose wearing her skintight yellow and blue costume with circular red ‘X’ belt buckle, made popular among fans during the ‘90s X-Men animated series and Gold Strike Team era. Radiating with cool confidence, the fiery red-head prepares to protect those she holds dear, no matter the cost.

 Jean Grey Premium Format FigureJean Grey Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Exclusive

The Sideshow Exclusive edition will include an additional portrait featuring Jean’s alternative ponytail hairstyle (shown below). While in the comics she had wild free-flowing hair, Jean wore her hair up for the Saturday morning cartoons – an effort made by the show’s creators to visually distinguish from fellow female team members, Storm and Rogue.

Exclusive Jean Grey Premium Format Figure

Exclusive Jean Grey Premium Format Figure Exclusive Jean Grey Premium Format Figure

An integral member of the X-Men legacy and the heart of her team at the time, the Jean Grey Premium Format™ Figure is a must-have addition to any Marvel mutant collection.

Artist Credits

  • Kris Anka (Design)
  • Tony Cipriano (Sculpt)
  • Tim Miller (Sculpt)
  • Andy Bergholtz (Sculpt)
  • Pascual Wawoe (Sculpt)
  • Kat Sapene (Paint)
  • Mike Najera (Paint)
  • Mike Allen (Development)
  • Sideshow Design and Development Team

The regular and Exclusive versions will each be priced at $359.99, with optional payment plans available.
Pre-orders begin this Thursday, April 17th, 2014.

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