A superior species, no doubt – introducing the Engineer

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“Sometimes to create, one must first destroy.”

Returning to explore the extensive mythology and unresolved mysteries in the Aliens universe, Ridley Scott’s 2012 sci-fi thriller Prometheus introduced fans to the ancient race known as the Engineers. Designed for the film by award-winning creature creator Neville Page, these mysterious beings feature strong influences of classic Greek and Roman sculpture combined with HR Giger’s genre-defining aesthetic.
Discovered by archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charles Holloway, the aptly named ‘Engineers’ are masters of genetic engineering. Equipped with the most advanced technology, their primary mission is to seed planets with various species – perhaps even once those of the human race.

“God-like, classical, powerful, with skin like that of stone”

– Neville Page on Ridley Scott’s description of the Engineer

Presented in 1:5 scale at roughly 22 inches tall, humanity’s fascinating forerunner comes to life with the Engineer Statue. As depicted on the surface of LV-223, the Engineer dons the form-fitting organ laced pressure suit, capable of supplying the life-giving fluids needed during long periods of hibernation.

Individually crafted and hand-finished, Sideshow’s artisans have painstakingly captured every detail of the last known Engineer.


Sideshow Exclusive Edition

The Exclusive Engineer Statue will include an additional unique display accessory (shown below), the fossilized ‘Space Jockey’ flight suit helmet with base, our tribute to the Engineer as first depicted in the 1979 film Alien.

Don’t miss this breath-taking piece of film history for your sci-fi collection. The regular and Exclusive versions of the Engineer Statue are available now.