All Green Lanterns fear Sinestro!

“In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light.
Let those who try to stop what’s right, burn like my power, Sinestro’s might!”

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Nothing frightens me – I am fear!

Joining our acclaimed DC Comics collection, we are proud to present the Green Lantern’s mighty archnemesis with the Sinestro Premium Format™ Figure. In this commanding piece, Sideshow’s artisans have captured Hal Jordan’s mentor-turned-villain as the head of Sinestro Corps, with the yellow Lantern symbol emblazoned on his chest.

To Instill Fear is to Instill Order

Formerly appointed by the Guardians as the Green Lantern for Sector 1417, the now banished Thaal Sinestro harnesses Parallax, the yellow energy of fear. Sinestro is held aloft by a brilliant Qwardian power battery, where as one of the greatest Lanterns to ever possess the ring, he can wield an impressive saw blade construct that towers at almost three feet tall above his head.

Sideshow Exclusive Edition

Sinestro demonstrates his strength of will and true mastery of fear with the Sideshow Exclusive edition, which will include an additional swap out left hand and ring construct bearing the Yellow Lantern symbol (shown above right).

Unwavering in his dedication, the formidable fallen Lantern carries on the path to intergalactic order as Sinestro Corps wages war on Hal Jordan and the Guardians for control of the universe.

The regular and Exclusive versions of the Sinestro Premium Format™ Figure are each priced at $399.99, with payment plans available for as low as $60.00 /month. He is available now at!