Batman and the Joker – ‘The Great Rivals’ contest winner

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s Batman, we tested our fans’ creativity on Facebook and Twitter with a challenge to write two original lines of dialogue, one for each of the great rivals – Batman and the Joker.

We loved your answers so much, we gave away not only an awesome Hot Toys Joker (Mime Version) Sixth Scale Figure, but a pre-order of our new Michael Keaton 1989 Film Version Batman Premium Format™ Figure as well!

Read on for a few of our favorite entries, and don’t miss your chance to win amazing prizes in fun contests like this happening on our Social page.

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“The Great Rivals” Contest Entries


Batman: You know, some people are calling us great rivals.
The Joker: Really? I prefer to think of us as old chums.

John S.

Batman: There’s a padded cell at Arkham waiting for you Joker.
The Joker: Oh goodie, could you be a dear and call ahead to make sure they have those little chocolates I like on my pillow?

Sophie G.

The Joker: I guess you haven’t heard about me…I’m the rarest card in the deck!
Batman: My rules on this hand, Joker…no wilds.

Francisco P.

Batman: I’m going to wipe that smile off your face once and for all!
The Joker: As soon as you take the nipples off your suit.

Mark R.

Batman: You’re sick… demented… and I will stop you.
The Joker: You can’t stop me from sleeping in a Bat logo t-shirt! It’s my fave shirt!


The Joker: Trying to compensate for something, Premium Format Batssssss?
Batman: Same old clown, one-sixth as funny.

Marc D.

Batman: Shall I Die, Eternally Stymied… Howling Obscenities … WHY!?!
The Joker: To Own Your Smile

S hall
D ie,
E ternally
S tymied…
H owling
O bscenities…

T o
O wn
Y our
S mile

Get it?