10 moments in the Star Wars Force Awakens trailer you need to experience again right now

It’s been barely two weeks since the first full trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released, and if you are anything like us you’ve lived off a steady marathon of viewings ever since. Although we’re left with more questions than ever, the trailer gets our pulse racing and hearts soaring every single time we see it. So what are you waiting for? Here are 10 reasons you need to watch the trailer again right now.

1. For Rey

A lonely, determined, curious girl from a desert planet with a charismatic sidekick droid? We love her already.

2. …and Finn

A former Stormtrooper with a mind of his own, and nothing left to fight for? Yes, sign us up.

3. To hear Kylo Ren vow to finish what Darth Vader had started

He had us at the mask and the lightsaber. But hearing Kylo Ren vowing to finish what Darth Vader had started in a dark raspy voice was everything we needed and more from the galaxy’s next biggest threat.

4. To hear Han say “It’s all true”

The ultimate moment of passing the torch, and the legacy, happens right here. Recalling every mission, adventure, and unbelievable discovery from the original trilogy, we get chills when Han Solo looks to Finn and Rey and confirms it’s all true. And of course the irony that it’s Han telling us the Sith and Jedi are real is not lost on anyone.

5. To see the Millennium Falcon soaring

The Star Wars music cue when we first see the Millennium Falcon are where the tears begin every time. And then when she kicks full into hyperdrive, we can barely contain ourselves.

6. For the epic battles!

With Abram’s return to a heavy emphasis on practical effects, the battles already look and feel more real than ever before.

7. For this precise moment we want to join the Resistance

8. Because we can’t get enough of Captain Phasma

9. To see Han and Leia reunited

Their embrace is heartbreaking. We can only imagine everything Han and Leia have been through since we last saw them, and soon we will know for sure.

10. Because the Force is calling to you

The music, the title, the Force. Star Wars! We’re ready to let it in now.

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