12 Days of Sideshow – Court of the Dead


Sideshow is proud to announce our latest interpretation of one of our most beloved Court of the Dead characters – Gethsemoni, the Queen of the Dead.

Gethsemoni was Death’s first creation, spiritborn of his own etherea. He imbued her with his own curiosity, adaptability and compassion. As leader of the Flesh Faction, Gethsemoni is beautiful to behold, but a formidable necromancer who wields astonishing abilities and staggering power. Gethsemoni is also mother to all beings in the Underworld. She twists and molds etherea into new and unspeakable forms. Her macabre, yet maternal, artistry knows no limits.

The breathtaking, limited edition Gethsemoni – Shaper of Flesh Premium Format™ Figure stands almost 22” tall, capturing the Queen of the Underworld in all of her haunting beauty and terrifying splendor. Combining both sculptural and fabric elements, this all-new creation showcases the intricate artistry of our signature Premium Format™ figures. Lavish, richly-textured fabric drapes across the Queen’s majestic form. She is crowned with a grotesque and stately headdress formed from a coxal bone. A semi-transparent base features intricate swirls of Flesh Faction necromancy gently enveloping the Queen’s regal feet and extending from her sovereign hand.

Find out more about the Queen of the Dead and her place within the Court of the Dead HERE


Oglavaeil is the Court Executioner, born of spirit and created by Death himself to ensure that the balance of law is maintained in the Underworld.  A being of unspeakable power, Oglavaeil is capable of extinguishing even Death himself.  Though much feared, Oglavaeil is also much misunderstood. In his wisdom, Death chose not to craft a butcher when creating his Executioner. Oglavaeil is gentle spirit, one with an innate sense of justice and a deep compassion for all creatures in the Underworld.

The magnificent pencil work of Sideshow Senior Concept Artist Amilcar Fong has been the design foundation for Sideshow’s original property, Court of the Dead.

The Executus Reaper Oglavaeil Legendary Scale™ Bust is inspired by the direct connection between Fong’s 2D pencil renderings and his 3D sculpting talents. This epic 23” wide Legendary Scale™ bust has also been lovingly hand-painted by Sideshow’s art team. His sturdy polystone base is also highly detailed, featuring swirling spirits that echo the Executioner’s spirit faction allegiance.

A magnetic jaw piece gives Oglavaeil a unique expression and adds further character to Death’s most devoted servant.

SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE: Collectors also have the option of attaching Oglavaeil’s characteristic “blind justice” mask, a unique Court artifact covered in ancient and cryptic etchings.

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