Grow Your Gallery with Earth Day-Themed Art Prints

Spring is in the air! Celebrate Earth Day in style with our curated selection of plant-based prints. From fun florals, earthy hues, gorgeous greens, and more, this art will help you grow your home gallery in no time.

Poison Ivy

Kael Ngu

“What am I? I am the Queen of May, crowned in leaves, and blossom, and thorns.”

This villain and the plants she protects are one and the same in the Poison Ivy Fine Art Print by Kael Ngu. Dark and dangerous, this version of Pamela Isley puts the forest first. Every detail, from her dark eyes to her flowing scarlet hair, is an invitation — and a warning. Do you dare to cross her? Or perhaps to court her…

BTS: Spring Day

Ian MacDonald

“Until the spring day comes again / until the flowers bloom / please stay there a while longer.”

Inspired by the breathtaking visuals in “Spring Day (봄날),” a song from the album YOU NEVER WALK ALONE, the BTS: Spring Day Fine Art Print by Ian MacDonald celebrates the enduring friendship between RMJinSUGAj-hopeJiminV, and Jung Kook through the seasons. Bright pastels, a blue sky, and fluttering pink flowers usher in the warmth even as the winter chill persists. Let hope blossom when you bring this print home today.

The Little Mermaid

Thomas Kinkade Studios

“Where would we run? If we could stay all day in the sun?”

Who says spring is only for the surface world? The Little Mermaid Art Print by Thomas Kinkade Studios is full of love, a colorful array of sea creatures, and bursts of sunshine. No need to wait for the rainbow after the storm — make your own cheer with this thingamabob hanging in your house.

Treehouse of Horror

ACME Archives

“Egads! Surely we are doomed!”

For people who prefer their Earth Day a bit on the spookier side, may we suggest the Treehouse of Horror #2 Art Print by ACME Archives? This humorous Simpsons illustration reminds us that we better take care of the plants before they take care of us…

Last Son of Krypton

Alex Ross

“This is the moment that defines Krypton’s legacy for all time.”

The fight for truth, justice, and a better tomorrow started with Kal-El’s past. As an infant, Earth became his protector. Now he protects the Earth. Celebrate Superman and this planet’s legacy with the Last Son of Krypton Lithograph by Alex Ross.

Gwen Stacy — Summer

J. Scott Campbell

I’m Gwen Stacy. Perfectly capable of introducing myself.”

Rain, rain go away! Fun and flirty, this blonde bombshell dances through life and through the Gwen Stacy #1 — Summer Fine Art Print by J. Scott Campbell. Let a little sunshine — and a whole lotta smiles — into your Marvel art collection when you collect this print today.

Protectors of the Universe

Alex Ross

They are beings of great power and greater commitment, working miracles for all mankind. And sheltering us when the sky is falling.”

A group of fearless heroes rockets through outer space towards Earth’s surface in the Protectors of the Universe Lithograph by Alex Ross. Although the Justice League members hail from many different places, they all stand up for our blue-and-green globe, defending that beautiful world from evil. Take a page out of their book and make planet Earth your priority this April.

The Sound of Music

Thomas Kinkade Studios

“The hills are alive with the sound of music.”

One of the best ways to celebrate Earth Day is by connecting with nature. So make like Maria and dance through a flower field, or hike through the mountains! Then, go home to your family and admire The Sound of Music Art Print by Thomas Kinkade Studios together. Bursting with highly saturated colors and beautiful Easter eggs to the beloved musical, it’s a must-have for fans of the classics.

Spring Dreams

Adrianna Vanderstelt

“Submerge your senses in the realm of imagination.”

Adrianna Vanderstelt captures a tranquil moment of seaside serenity in the Spring Dreams Fine Art Print. As the waters warm and the beauty of nature awakens from its winter slumber, there is joy in new life. May you find as much peace and prosperity on Earth Day and every day.

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