5 reasons to make Hot Toys’ massive Iron Man Igor Suit part of your ‘House Party Protocol’

Video courtesy YouTube reviewer Optibotimus

There were over 30 new Iron Man suits unveiled in 2013’s Iron Man 3, but none of them grabbed your attention like the Mark 38, aka Igor. Early rumors even pegged it as a Hulkbuster suit, but of course that would come later… Instantly garnering attention for its unique appearance and design, it’s no wonder fans have been anticipating Hot Toys’ release of this amazing armor since debuted at Comic-Con and other conventions around the world.

From ComicBook.com, here are 5 reasons to make the Hot Toys Igor Mark XXXIII Sixth Scale Figure part of your ‘House Party Protocol!’

5. Articulation

This figure is deceptively poseable. There are a lot of hidden joints, allowing you to put Igor in some cool action poses. His fingers are all articulated, down to the armor plates by his feet. His arms and legs allow a variety of poses, along with the articulation on the upper torso.”

Photo courtesy ComicBook.com

All photos via ComicBook.com

4.  He’s huge!

“The Mark 38: Igor figure is a behemoth. Standing upright, it’s a little taller than the Hulk figure from the Avengers line. The figure is heavy, befitting the stature of the character. Visually, it’s like owning a miniature of the real suit.”

Photo courtesy ComicBook.com

3. Attention to Detail

“The armor is insanely detailed, with various warnings and markings etched at different parts of the figure. It even some burn marks and evidence of wear and tear, kind of telling you that this suit’s seen some action.”

2. Light-Up Features

“Every detail of the suit is replicated…down to the light up repulsors, chest beam and eyes.”

1. Did we mention he’s HUGE?

“If you want to have an impressive piece of armor to display in your collection, you can’t go wrong with Igor. He’s big, he’s imposing, and he’s one of the most memorable pieces from this line. It’s one of Hot Toys’ largest pieces to date, and one of their best looking.”

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