5 times movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger was a total badass in real life

He’s one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, both figuratively and literally. A world famous bodybuilder and major action movie icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger has built an incredible acting career fighting, shooting, and stabbing his way through cinema. Today, in honor of Arnold’s 68th birthday, we thought it would be fun to celebrate what an awesome person he is in real life. Here are 5 times Mr. Schwarzenegger made us smile:

5. The time he pranked visitors at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum by posing as a statue of himself

The Terminator played a prank on his fans as they posed beside him for pictures. One woman said: “You look real,” as she walked past. “That’s because I am,” he said, suddenly moving and causing her and her friends to run and scream.

4. The time he took this winner of a charity event for a ride in a tank, and they made this amazing video together

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Omaze winner Alex blow $*!# up and defend the free world against the “diabolical” Harley Morenstein.

3. The time he personally invited Reddit to an exclusive screening of his new film Maggie, complete with Q&A

2. The time he went ‘undercover’ at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach to promote the After School All-Stars program

Fitness seekers at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, CA got a little help on their workout from a bizarre trainer named Howard Klein — who actually happened to be Arnold Schwarzenegger in disguise. The star donned a fake black mustache, ponytail and uniform to make a funny video, all to raise awareness and money for the nationwide After-School All-Stars program.

1. The time he sent this incredibly moving handwritten letter to a fan and his father who suffered from declining health

Redditor bizzyjay recounted a story of how important the Terminator franchise has been to him and his father. The Puerto Rican father and son have seen all of the films, with Terminator 2: Judgment Day being the first movie they ever saw together in theaters. In recent months, the 72-year-old father’s health has been declining. He had battled mental-health issues for years, but things suddenly took a bad turn, with him hearing voices, becoming irritable and not acting like himself. The Redditor wrote that his father stopped wanting to watch movies but agreed to see Terminator Genisys in honor of his son’s 30th birthday. He wrote that in one particularly touching Schwarzenegger scene, he saw his father smile for the first time in months.

The post was quickly brought to the attention of Arnold, who frequents Reddit, and he left the comment below, as well as posting a handwritten letter for the father.
“Wow. I’m in Korea on a whirlwind tour but you stopped me in my tracks,” wrote Schwarzenegger. “This is so touching. Thank you for sharing. I’d like to say “this is why I do this” but you should know it was you who made your father smile. It was your presence and caring. Happy birthday, you’ve got a lot of wisdom for 30 years.”