8 reasons the Deluxe Hot Toys Hulk Figure from Age of Ultron smashes all other puny competition

From Tony ‘G Man’ Guerrero’s review at ComicVine.com, here are 8 reasons the Hot Toys Hulk Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure from Avengers: Age of Ultron smashes all other puny competition.

1. This figure is massive!

You might even say it’s…incredible.

2. He comes with two torsos…

Having one articulated, and one dedicated ‘HULK SMASH’ torso maximizes display potential. There are also some softer, rubbery parts to this torso around his neck, elbows and under his arms which allow more give to the figure when positioning it.

3. …and two facial expressions

4.  Adjustable eyes bring the figure to life

5.  Muscles upon muscles!

Just the way he should be.

6. Realistic fabric pants

Also, stretchy. For maximum comfort!

7. He’s solid as a rock

Meaning he can easily stand on his own without any additional support.

8. He’s got bendable fingers

The better to crush unworthy opponents with!

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