Thanks Ryan Reynolds for the Deadpool 2 Teaser – No Good Deed Indeed.

While most of fandom was out enjoying the spoils of LOGAN, a poorly captured bootleg of a Deadpool 2 teaser was circling the interwebs, allowing each and every one of us to hold out hope that some brave entity would release it officially. Today was that day. Thanks to Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, we now have a Red Band HD Deadpool 2 Teaser for your viewing pleasure.

There are too many highlights to celebrate, but we particularly enjoy the Stan Lee cameo and the inspiring super small text tale at the end. Did you also notice the graffiti and what was playing at the theater? So many little easter eggs – sound off in the comments.

Deadpool Coming Not Soon Enough. Amen.


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Now that we think about it, it might just be a lot more easy to go to our Deadpool homepage. Everything all in one place. Savvy?