A Cosplay that captures the epic scale of Thanos

Capturing the epic nature of Thanos the Mad Titan in a cosplay isn’t always easy, but Prizmatec Cosplay has mastered the art of large-scale cosplay with this Thanos cosplay.

This Thanos is made freehand with EVA foam, cardboard, and polystyrene, with a latex mask by Dustindustriesfx. He was handmade in Italy, stands over 7 feet high and weighs roughly 33 pounds.

What really makes this cosplay stand out, however, is his epic swagger. The music and captions Prizmatec likes to add to their videos don’t hurt either.

But Prizmatec isn’t resting on their laurels. They’ve already got a new build in the works. We’re already looking forward to seeing more of this guy.