Andy Park Signs Thor: Ragnarok Fine Art Prints at Marvel Studios HQ!

Are you ready to Ragnarok?

Last week, the Sideshow Art Prints team was given S.H.I.E.L.D. level security to visit Marvel Studios HQ, located on the Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, CA, to witness Marvel Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park sign the first official fine art print from the new MCU collection.

The Thor conference room became an art print arena worthy of the Grandmaster, as Park signed each piece of the limited edition Thor: Ragnarok Fine Art Print.

Since the November release of Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel fans have been cheering for their new champion film, which was packed with uproarious comedy, Asgardian action, and incredible battle sequences.  Even the Marvel Studios lobby celebrated with a display of authentic Ragnarok costumes, including Thor’s gladiator garb as conceptualized by Park.

As Visual Development Supervisor, Andy Park painted keyframe artwork, which served to illustrate pivotal story moments and to help visualize what the finished film could look like during pre-visualization and development stages.  This print is one of those iconic keyframe moments, which has now become iconic for Marvel fans worldwide.

The Thor: Ragnarok Fine Art Print captures an action-packed scene in the Contest of Champions, pitting the mighty Thor against the Incredible Hulk in an intense moment of intergalactic gladiatorial combat.  Park’s detailed illustrations helped inform the visual world of the film, from Thor’s armor to the environment of the epic clash on Sakaar.

He explained, “In this illustration, I wanted to capture this iconic battle in a way that shows off each character in the strongest way. It doesn’t spell out who actually has the advantage. It’s the moment right before the clash. This is the battle between the two strongest Avengers. Who will win?

Announced in November 2017, Sideshow and Marvel Studios have joined forces to present an exciting new collection of limited edition Fine Art Prints celebrating iconic moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!  Featuring official concept art and keyframes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), this exciting collaboration will give fans an opportunity to collect and display a part of Marvel film history as never before.

Featuring fan-favorite images that have appeared in the Marvel ‘Art of Film’ books, and on highly sought after promotional teaser posters, the collection will include work by celebrated artists Ryan Meinerding (Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development), Andy Park (Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor), Adi Granov (Marvel Concept Artist, and Comics Cover Artist), and more!

These talented artists have actively shaped the look of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, designing everything from worlds to characters to key scenes of action and story, brought to life through the wildly successful films.

Stay tuned to the Sideshow Art Prints page for developments about what exciting and iconic moments will appear next in the Marvel Studios Fine Art Print Collection!


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