The Funniest Quotes from Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania

Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania premieres today. This movie is as strange as it gets, with more jokes and gags than ever! Here are some of the funniest quotes from the whole film.

Warning: Massive spoilers for Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania below!

“My life doesn’t really make sense.”

– Scott Lang

After a brief scene with Janet and Kang, the movie opens with Scott. He wanders around his life, sharing the joys of a world that’s safer thanks to him and the Avengers. But really, his life doesn’t make sense. Scott gets along well with his old manager at Baskin Robbins, he gets free coffee every morning, and everyone asks him to take pictures with their dogs. His new autobiography does seem to be a hit though! Little did he know that things were about to get even stranger.

“I love ants.”

“And I love that you love them.”

– Hank Pym / Janet Van Dyne

Some folks have particular interests. It’s fair to say that Hank Pym’s special interest is and has always been ants. Some might even say that he’s obsessed with them! He certainly loves them. And when he declares it, Janet is patient and supportive. Ants aren’t for everyone, and certainly not for her. But she loves that for him!

“Drink the ooze!”

– Cassie Lang

When the father and daughter duo arrive in the Quantum Realm, they’re stranded far away from Hank, Janet, and Hope. It’s a whole new world, and they’re quickly captured by a group of strange creatures. They’re chanting in an unknown language, and Ant-Man is pinned down. With some red substance dripping down her chin, Cassie yells a word of advice to her dad.

“How many holes do you have?”

– Veb

Turns out that if you drink the ooze, you can understand all the creatures! In fact, when Veb first introduces themselves, they say, “Hi, I’m Veb, you just drank me!” And while Ant-Man and Veb can understand each other’s languages, they might not be able to understand each other’s unique perspectives. For example, Veb is very fascinated by holes. Which makes sense, since they don’t have any.

“Yeah, and I wish I couldn’t, because everyone is disgusting.”


We meet the telepath Quaz in the Quantum realm. Ant-Man is immediately fascinated, and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. He can’t stop saying — or thinking — particularly strange things. Scott is amazed and asks, “You can read minds?” Quaz answers briefly, and then asks Scott to stop thinking that one thought. Please. It’s … disgusting.

“How wild?”

“Very wild, Henry.”

– Hank Pym / Lord Krylar

Janet Van Dyne knows her way around the Quantum Realm. She takes Hope and Hank to an old friend, Krylar. The now Lord Krylar reminisces about their time together. They had quite a few adventures, and he keeps insisting just how “wild” Janet used to be. Hank can’t stop himself from asking, “How wild?”

“Is that building alive?”

“Yours are dead?”

– Scott / Veb

Just as Cassie and Scott are about to go into a building, one of its tubular supports begins to move. In fact, the whole building is moving. Scott is baffled. He asks, “Is that building alive?” Things only seem to be getting stranger.

“You’ll be great. It’s just like flying a bike.”

– Janet Van Dyne

Lord Krylar double-crosses Janet. Hank and Hope blast through soldiers and steal Krylar’s ship. The only problem is that Hank has never flown such a strange aircraft before. Janet reassures him that it’s as easy as can be! Though perhaps she’s just a bit more capable than Hank.

“Third time in jail? …Four”

– Scott

Scott and Cassie are captured by Kang the Conquerer’s forces. They’re jailed. So while they sit across from each other, Scott makes some idle conversation to pass the time. Cassie has been in jail only three times for her resistance to corrupt authority. Scott’s got her beat by one. Nice job, Scott.

“What the hell?”

– Endless Scott Langs

Scott finally makes it inside Kang’s Multiverse Core. It was dangerous enough to shrink into it, but things were only getting stranger. Ant-Man started duplicating. There were more and more potential Ant-Mans around him. The possibilities, and the Scotts, were infinite. And as each one duplicated themselves, they proclaimed, “What the hell?” It was like a hilarious chorus of confusion.

“I have holes!”

– Veb

In the final battle against Kang and his forces, the beloved character Veb gets shot countless times. He looks less like ooze and more like Swiss cheese. When he takes a shallow breath, the audience thinks he’s going to die. Instead, he’s in awe of his new body. He has holes. HE HAS HOLES!!!

“My name is Darren and I am not a dick!”

– Darren

It’s impossible to talk about Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania without talking about Darren Cross. In the first Ant-Man, he was Yellowjacket. He was defeated and shrunk down into the Quantum Realm. Kang remade him into M.O.D.O.K., The Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing. When M.O.D.O.K. was defeated by Cassie, she gave him some solid advice. Cassie said, “It’s never too late to stop being a dick.” So, when Darren attacks Kang head on, he screams his new hilarious war cry.

“And at least I died an Avenger.”

– Darren

Darren saved the team with his unexpected attack. As he’s dying, he believes himself to be fully redeemed. He rests a lanky hand on Scott’s face and says, “Thanks Scott. You always were a brother to me.” And since he’s dying, Scott can only manage to say, “I was?” and then corrects himself. “I was.” When Darren insists that he died an Avenger, the rest of the team chimes in saying, “Yeah. Mhmm.” and Scott says, “Yeah… You’re in…”

“My life doesn’t really make sense.”

– Scott Lang

The film ends just like it opens. Scott wanders around his life. Things haven’t really changed since he left. His autobiography is a hit, people recognize him in the streets, and life is chipper. But after the confusing events of the Quantum Realm, Scott is beginning to unwind. And yet, leave it to Scott to push it aside and smile. After all, all we have is the present. … or is it? Wasn’t it Kang himself who said, “Time isn’t what you think.”

One of the greatest jokes in the film wasn’t even spoken! When Scott Lang walks into Baskin Robbins, there’s a plaque that reads, “Employee of the Century.” And for some of the jokes, you really just need to see it.

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