Aspen Makes a Big Splash on Sideshow Live- With Special Guests!

Earlier in November, Sideshow Live had some amazing special guests talking about the Aspen Premium Format™ Figure– Designer JP Mavinga and Aspen Comics President Frank Mastromauro gave some incredible insights into the character, the design process, and the world of Fathom.  To see their segment on Sideshow Live, check out the video below!

Frank Mastromauro even brought along with him an incredible treat to share with the viewers- notebooks and portfolios full of the late, great Michael Turner’s original sketches, layouts, and cover designs for his comics work.  These were displayed during the Instagram Afterparty segment of the show.

Frank also shared insights and anecdotes about Turner’s process, the intricate inking of original pages, and even designs that have never been publicly displayed- all for the fans who tuned in to our special Aspen edition of Sideshow Live.  If you didn’t get the chance to watch live, this gallery highlights some of the incredible artwork that was brought to the show, including the original pages of the first issue of Fathom.

For the full Instagram Afterparty discussion about Michael Turner’s art and comics legacy, see the video playback below!

Thank you, Frank and JP, for sharing all of this incredible information and artwork with Sideshow Live!  It was such a privilege to share in the love for Aspen and Michael Turner’s amazing work which has inspired our own artists.

You can pre-order the Aspen Premium Format™ Figure right HERE and add her aquatic abilities to your own collection.