Assemble Avengergram!

When they aren’t busy saving the Earth, do you ever wonder how the Avengers spend their free time? Photographer Jon Barnes does.

In his inspiring photography series, dubbed Avengergram, Barnes puts a charming spin on Marvel characters using Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figures, as they break the fourth wall to check out their own upcoming films, engage in hijinks, and encounter other humorous day-to-day situations in the real world.

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“Okay, I’ll explain it ONE more time…”

“This isn’t funny anymore, Thor.”

“April fools!”

“Well maybe you wouldn’t lose it so often if you stopped throwing it all the time..”

“This new trailer… We look good.”

“Just 17 days to go! Don’t worry Spidey – you can be in the next movie.”

“How it will all begin…”