At Last, a Darth Maul Production Gallery Update Reveals Itself

He will have his revenge. New production photos of the Darth Maul™ Premium Format™ Figure have arrived to duel with the Jedi in your Star Wars collectibles collection.

From his appearance in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, this intimidating villain stands at 19.5”, holding his famous double-bladed lightsaber. The lightsaber has a light-up feature that glows a piercing red when activated.

Maul is wrapped in a fabric costume and takes an intimidating stance, his terrifying tattooed visage daring you to oppose the might of the Dark Side.

The sold-out Exclusive edition of this statue comes with a swap-out hand holding a severed lightsaber, which has one light-up red blade.  The Collectors edition of Darth Maul is still available for order.

The Darth Maul™ Premium Format™ Figure is shipping out soon, so be sure to add the power of the Dark Side to your Star Wars collection and order him today!