Atomic Misfit Curator Feature Day 7- Sideshow Con 2020

As a part of Sideshow Con 2020, we are excited to announce an entirely new brand focused on celebrating the chic, unique, and misfit geeks- meet Atomic Misfit!

This inclusive brand creates and curates everything wild, weird, whimsical, and wondrous to inspire you and your unique style. To celebrate this exciting launch, every day during Sideshow Con, we will be featuring our first round of curator highlights from our own team as spotlight our favorite fandoms and products that celebrate them!

Get ready to meet today’s featured curator, Amy C. from Sideshow’s Marketing team! Here’s what she had to share about immersing yourself in your favorite fictional worlds no matter where you are!

Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi, my name is Amy C. and I work in Marketing as a writer and editor. I’ve been with Sideshow for over three years now!

What would you say are your three favorite pop culture fandoms/licenses? Why do you like them, and how you connect to them as a fan?

First, I am a huge fan of comics of all sorts! I’ve been reading comics monthly since 2012, and started with Marvel’s Hawkeye, then Thor: God of Thunder, Young Avengers, and Ms. Marvel. Since then, I’ve started reading comics from practically every publisher!

I think it’s fair to say that after comics, superheroes are my next specific “fandom”. Comics cover such a broad range of story formats, but I have an inescapable love of superheroes as well. I grew up on the original Teen Titans animated series, used to create my own superheroes when I was a kid, and they’re probably the dominant presence in my collection- from both Marvel and DC.

I also really love Dungeons & Dragons– I’ve always been a huge gamer (video and tabletop), but D&D took my love to another level. I first played 3.5E in college, when I was asked to be a cleric for a group on my dorm floor that was missing a healer. I didn’t really understand it at first, but when 5th Edition came out, it became a lot more accessible.

Now I’m a full-fledged Dungeon Master as well as enthusiastic player! I’m currently running/playing in four games a month! I love the storytelling and collaboration that takes place over an immersive roleplaying game. It’s a fun chance to become someone more heroic for a short time.

What from our catalogue would you recommend for likeminded collectors? What personally inspires you?

Recommendation #1: Captain Marvel’s Necklace (Silver) (What’s Your Passion? Jewelry)– I love this high-quality necklace for its subtle, elegant style. Of course it’s the Hala star from Captain Marvel’s suit, but from a distance, it’s perfectly disguised as a really suave silver pendant.

I personally own one of these, and the chevron shape of the symbol fits really well with a lot of different necklines in my wardrobe. I love sneaking in some fandom representation into my outfits, and this just complements so much. There’s also a gold version if you’re looking for an additional pop of Carol Danvers color, and you really can’t go wrong with either style!

Recommendation #2: DC Bombshells Death Statue (DC Direct)– The DC Bombshells are, in my opinion, some of the most clever and imaginative presentations of the famous heroines of DC Comics out there. There’s something about Ant Lucia’s eye for vintage nostalgia and tasteful pin-up style that really makes these pieces unique.

I love Death especially for her wartime nurse outfit, since it fits so well with her mystique in the Sandman universe. Plus, IT’S SANDMAN! I love seeing Sandman get represented in the DC Direct collectible lineup. I already own several other Bombshells- Supergirl, Poison Ivy- and simply can’t get enough of these designs. (Plus, there’s a comic book series about them!)

Recommendation #3: Search Small Spaceship Picoloid k-6 (Manas SUM)– Is there anything as cute as a tiny tree frog in a spaceship? This was the first piece by Manas SUM that I have ever encountered, and it opened me up to a world full of their whimsical and marvelous creatures and characters.

The little frog at his control panel is absolutely squeal-worthy and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it when I first saw it in person. I would follow this little guy anywhere he wants to go in the galaxy! (The Picoloid frog also gives me Pikmin game vibes, which makes me love it even more!)

Anything else you’d like to share?

I have a very big heart for my fandoms. I love SO many things, so I will never run out of recommendations. There is so much to do and see and collect out there, I’m glad I get to involve myself in some small part of that great big world!

That concludes our Atomic Misfit Curator Spotlight for Sideshow Con 2020, but we aren’t quite finished bringing you personal recommendations from our team. You can look forward to more chances to meet our team as we continue the curated content beyond the con. Keep an eye out!

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