Avengers: Infinity War – Black Panther on Set!


T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) has finally joined the rest of his Marvel cohorts on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. The news comes as a possible official confirmation of Black Panther’s role in the film, which will mark Boseman’s third official appearance in one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, following Captain America: Civil War and the Black Panther solo film. The latter title will be the last film, in fact, that Marvel Studios releases before Infinity War hits theaters, and as such, there are some mighty high expectations surrounding Black Panther. Not only are people expecting it to be the exceptional solo adventure that the T’Challa character deserves but also a possible big lead-in to the Infinity War conflict.

Now, while both films have been in production for around the same length of time, Boseman has been mostly busy up until this point shooting Black Panther with director Ryan Coogler and the rest of that film’s cast. But now that production on the solo film has been completed, Boseman has officially begun his work on Infinity War, and it looks like he’s already sharing a scene with two very specific characters.

Celebrating the start of his work on the film, Boseman has shared a new video from the Avengers: Infinity War set through his official Twitter account this afternoon. With the caption “Here we go… #BlackPanther #InfinityWar” the video is a small shot of three different cast chairs from the Infinity Warshoot, with T’Challa’s name placed in between Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Check out the video for yourself:

It’s fitting that the first glimpse at T’Challa’s presence in Infinity War is being shared with Steve and Natasha since they’re two of the characters that he’s had the most interactions with up until this point. One of the biggest questions that many fans have about Black Panther is how the film will pick up from where Captain America: Civil War left off, with Steve and the rest of Team Cap hiding out under T’Challa’s protection in Wakanda. Will there be any cameo appearances fans can expect to see in the film?

Unfortunately, that question will have to remain unanswered until next February, when Black Panther is finally released to the general public. But even despite his limited amount of screentime, T’Challa/Black Panther has already established himself as a major presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, emerging as a fan-favorite character just thanks to his work in Civil War. So it should come as welcome news to every Marvel fan that he has finally begun work on Infinity War, as he finally joins the rest of the Avengers in a fight to save the entire universe from complete and utter destruction, at the hands of Josh Brolin’s Thanos.

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