Bane Looms Large in a Powerful Production Photo Update

Batman is no more. I have destroyed him. I rule these streets! I rule Gotham.”

The brutal baddie who broke the Bat is stepping out of Peña Duro in this new production update.  The Bane Premium Format™ Figure has just received a new production photo gallery, featuring the massive villain in all of his Venom-filled fury.  Let’s take a look!

Standing 23″ tall, Bane strikes fear into the hearts of Gothamites everywhere, as he takes back the streets from Batman.  This crime king has crushed the bat signal beneath his monstrous boot as his bulging muscles strain against sinews and skin.

The Venom super-steroid is fueling his ferocity, and he stands in his wrestling boots demonstrating his titanic strength as a challenge to the vigilantes who might try to stop him.

Bane is ready to deliver a behemoth beatdown to anyone who stands in his way!  The Bane Premium Format Figure is bursting with brutal details, from the scarred and discolored skin around his nightmarish spinal implant to the grime beneath his fingernails.

Every inch of this figure inspires awe and terror in those who tremble before Bane’s brute strength.

The sold-out Exclusive edition of this statue comes with an swap-out portrait featuring Bane’s more modern appearance.  The Collector edition is still available for order on our website.

The Bane Premium Format Figure is shipping soon, so be sure to bring home this Venom-filled villain for your DC collection.  For more DC collectibles offered by Sideshow, click HERE.