Behind the Screams- Talking Vampirella with Terry Dodson

Sideshow recently unveiled a pair of Pre-Orders for the vampiric vixen Vampirella, as both a Premium Art Print and a Statue. The print was produced in collaboration with fan-favorite cover artist Terry Dodson, and the accompanying statue was sculpted in the likeness of his iconic art style.

We had a chance to ask Terry a bit about his work with Vampirella for the Sideshow Art Print program, as well as watching his two-dimensional character become a three-dimensional creation. Plus, take a look as we share some behind-the-scenes looks at how the macabre maven became a Sideshow statue!

SIDESHOW: Tell us a little about how long you have been illustrating for the comics, and how you became involved with the character?

TERRY: I began illustrating comics in 1993 while still in college at Portland State University and have worked full time since then in illustration.

I do remember the Warren Magazine from 70s and 80s with some amazing artwork of Vampirella. I believe my first professional involvement with Vampirella was this statue assignment actually.

Not long after I began working on this project, I was offered a cover assignment for 6 covers of the Vampirella comic book. So I was able to get my grasp on the character there, really understood what I wanted her to look like, before returning to this assignment.

SIDESHOW: How have you applied your signature style to ‘re-vamp’ her look?

TERRY: I really tried to remember the “essence” of the character from my memory.  Not any past version of her in particular, but I just did my thing – which I must admit is good luck on my part, as my style really lends itself to illustrating a character like Vampirella.

SIDESHOW: What are the unique challenges of designing for a three-dimensional statue?

TERRY: I have been hired numerous times in my career to design statues, as I’ve been told my work has a 3-dimensional quality to it. So, clarity of idea and use of space are what I concentrate on when designing statues – and it’s always so much fun to see how they turn out!

SIDESHOW: What are your thoughts on the finished products?

TERRY: Very cool. Alfred Paredes and the Sideshow creative team did a great job on the sculpture and I’m happy with the print as well!

The Vampirella Statue exclusive edition and the Vampirella: A Scarlet Thirst Premium Art Print are available for Pre-Order now.  Add them to your horror collection for a bewitching and beautiful display!