Ben Butcher: C-3PO Custom Bust Star Wars Art Show

The Common Thread

For the Human Cyborg Relations art show, Ben Butcher contributed a bust entitled “The Common Thread.”

Thank the Maker! Sideshow has an announced an incredible exhibition ofĀ Star Wars™-inspired art by a range of designers, artists, and creators from all over the world titledĀ Human Cyborg Relations: The C-3PO Custom Bust Art Show.

With skillsets ranging from cosplay construction and fabrication to sculpting and painting, these talented artists took blank busts of C-3PO™ and transformed them into new and unique interpretations of the beloved protocol droid from a galaxy far, far away.

Sideshow is also making a donation to the nonprofitĀ FIRSTĀ® in honor of each bust completed for the show.

For even more information about everything Sideshow is doing duringĀ Star WarsĀ Celebration, visitĀ Will we see you there? You can celebrate online with us across social media from May 26 ā€“ 29, and join us at the show in Anaheim, California, by visiting Booth #2719 from May 26 ā€“ 29.

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