The Best Justice League Suits in DC Comics and the DCEU

Super heroes can fight in just about any getup if they’re good enough. But it takes a great suit to make the symbol into a legend. That’s why the Justice League’s myriad members have experimented over the years with the perfect costume to fit the gig — and the personality.

Join us below as we look at the brave, the bold, and the best-dressed DC heroes from the comics and silver screen alike.

Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit

The Batman

Reminiscent of Year One comics, The Batman batsuit is a gritty, grungy take on the Caped Crusader’s cinematic costume. It’s clearly handmade. The cape and cowl are melodramatic and a little spooky. While tactical and mostly practical, this suit also has a lot of bulk to it to emphasize that “nocturnal animal” vibe. Additionally, the weapons are built into the suit for easiest access — like the batarang that also functions as the chest symbol. In this way, Bruce Wayne has made himself into a living weapon, able to slink easily into the shadows he calls home.

Black Canary’s Bodysuit

DC Comics

Black Canary’s costume is a comic book classic. The fishnets, bodysuit, and cropped leather jacket are simultaneously sultry and powerful. Plus, the dark color palette contrasts beautifully with Dinah’s blonde hair. When she finishes the look off with black boots and short gloves, those accessories really accentuate the overall cohesion and charm of the costume. It’s technically a pretty simple look, and also heavily inspired by something a singer might wear onstage. No wonder the crooner of the infamous Canary Cry pulls it off so effortlessly.

Wonder Woman’s ‘8os Armor

Wonder Woman 1984

Hold up, ’80s nostalgia in our DCEU? We love to see it. Wonder Woman’s armor got a cinematic upgrade the first time Gal Gadot put on the suit. While still boasting the original red, white, blue, and gold color scheme, it was decidedly darker in tone. Of course, the 1980s-set sequel brought more brightness to the look. Angular in its silhouette and full of eye-popping tones, the Wonder Woman 1984 costume screams sharp — both in terms of texture and fashion sense.

Aquaman’s Shimmery Suit

DC Comics

Befitting his day job and his stately reputation, Aquaman’s shining suit is one of our DC favorites. We know that bold colors and form-fitting attire can be divisive. But on Arthur Curry, the garish gold and emerald green just work. Both colors emphasize Aquaman’s title as King of the Atlanteans. Jewel tones are fit for royalty, after all. Additionally, he needs that sleek, swimsuit-like fabric to move through the ocean at high speeds.

Superman’s Cinematic Costume

Superman: The Movie

The Superman: The Movie suit is simply wholesome. On anyone else, the red, yellow, and blue costume might look like pajamas. But on Christopher Reeve’s Clark Kent, it’s pure, apple pie sweetness. It might not look particularly sturdy or bulletproof, but what does Superman need that for? He’s got his indestructible skin. Soft, with its big, bold ‘S’ insignia, this suit is truly a symbol of peace and hope to all who see it.

Superman’s Black Suit

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Kal-El gets a second shoutout due to the major costume change that occurs in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Instead of the all-American sweetheart color palette, he’s switched to a black and silver super suit. Thematically, the swap reminds us that Superman has recently died. And of course his rebirth is a little darker. However, it also has an in-world explanation. Called the Solar or Regeneration Suit, this Kryptonian outfit is used by Superman when his power is weakened. It allows him to absorb more solar energy — kind of like how football players place black marks under their eyes to attract the sun!

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