The 8 Most Inspiring Quotes from Groot in the MCU

Weighing in at 4,258 grets and towering from a length of 370 microbules, the Flora Colossus known as Groot captured our hearts immediately. Beginning with his MCU introduction in Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot’s ever-changing yet lovable nature has taken root with fans.

Now, Groot has his own Disney+ series, I Am Groot, which follows his misadventures in five short episodes. This member of the Guardians of the Galaxy is arguably one of the most popular parts of the team. That’s because he always tells it like it is — usually in three simple words or less. Let’s look back at some of Groot’s best quotes.

“I am Groot.”

As Rocket says, Groot is often “asleep for the danger but awake for the money.” When he first introduces himself to Gamora and Peter Quill, Groot asserts that he too wants a share of their money. Gotta love a guy who’s got his eyes on the prize!


Within the ultra secure Kyln prison, the Guardians of the Galaxy first team up, banding together to make their escape. Rocket outlines his plan to Gamora and Quill while Groot listens nearby. Not wasting any time, Groot steals the watchtower battery and sets off a chaotic chain reaction. He might not listen to every detail of the plan, but Groot pulls through when his help is most needed, whether that means shielding teammates from enemy fire or growing taller to retrieve a necessary device.


You know, hats just aren’t for everybody. When Yondu and Rocket enlist Baby Groot to help them escape the Ravagers’ prison, Baby Groot has trouble following directions. But he does take this time to let Yondu know that he does not like wearing hats.

“I am Groot !”

After listening to Rocket’s careful instructions about the bomb, Groot repeats back everything his friend explained. Of course, Groot gets it all wrong by pointing to the big dangerous button he absolutely should not press at all but you gotta admire his confidence despite making the completely wrong choice.

“I am Groot.”

Right before Yondu makes the bravest choice of his life, Groot leaves him with these inspiring words. Once Quill’s adoptive father decides to stay behind and help his son, even though he likely won’t survive, Groot and Rocket must leave their newfound friend. Groot tells Yondu welcome to the frickin’ Guardians of the Galaxy although, as Rocket points out, Groot doesn’t say frickin’.

“i Am GRoOt.”

Whoah, language! Teenagers — what can you do? Every cute lil baby inevitably turns into a mess of raging hormones and off-putting attitudes, and even Groot must go through this phase! Just mind the smell though. A teen Groot is a smelly Groot.

“I am GrOOT.”

As the Battle of Wakanda rages on, Thor introduces Steve Rogers to Groot. This scene is truly a meeting of the minds. When Groot lets Steve know his name, Steve replies, completely genuine, “I am Steve Rogers.”

“We are Groot.”

These words from Groot are probably some of his most famous, and for good reason. As the Ronan’s ship and the Nova Corps fleet crash into Xandar, placing the Guardians in harm’s way, Groot realizes what he must do.

Without a second thought, Groot extends his limbs into a cocoon of branches so that his new family can be shielded. His sacrifice allows the Guardians to continue fighting and ensures the safekeeping of the Power Stone. Also, it’s the only time Groot changes his “I” to a “We.”

Though he be of few words, Groot is of many surprises. Will you be watching I Am Groot?

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