Best Metal Band Mascots

Every band has an image. Along with their music, their branding can help them stand out from the crowd. In some cases, that branding even tells a story of its own.

Here are our top 10 metal band mascots.

10. Deathbat

The Band: Avenged Sevenfold

Notable Hits: “Afterlife,” “Hail to the King,” “Seize the Day”

The Mascot: In 2003, Avenged Sevenfold released their second studio album titled Waking the Fallen. Right on the album cover, the Deathbat made its debut. The Deathbat is a skull with black and white wings protruding from the temple. The Deathbat was so popular that Avenged Sevenfold and Subscience Studios released a video game along with their album Hail to the King. The RPG game is the origin of the Deathbat itself.

9. Crystar

The Band: Danzig

Notable Hits: “Mother,” “Twist of Cain,” “Am I Demon”

The Mascot: Crystar is the name of Danzig’s mascot. While it only appeared on two albums, it’s been featured ever since in lead singer Glenn Danzig’s wardrobe. He wears the horned skull as a belt buckle. Interestingly, the logo originally made its debut in the Marvel comic book series The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior.

8. Knucklehead

The Band: Five Finger Death Punch

Notable Hits: “Wash It All Away,” “Bad Company,” “Wrong Side of Heaven”

The Mascot: Knucklehead is a skeleton who wears all sorts of different metal aesthetics. However, the most iconic aspect of Knucklehead’s design is the blood-red hand print on its forehead. The palm covers one eye and reaches out around the face. Knucklehead is often seen wearing a gas mask or other combat gear.

7. Fallen Angel

The Band: Black Sabbath

Notable Hits: “Paranoid,” “War Pigs,” “Snowblind,” “Iron Man”

The Mascot: Some argue that Black Sabbath was the very first metal band of all time. And while mascots were less common in the inception of metal, one symbol is still certainly tied to the band: a fallen angel who is sometimes called Henry. Henry appears on concert shirts, drums, and even album covers.

6. Snaggletooth

The Band: Motörhead

Notable Hits: “Ace of Spades,” “Overkill,” “The Game”

The Mascot: Snaggletooth debuted right along with Motörhead’s very first album. It’s featured all over the merch and the albums. Snaggletooth is a fanged beast, baring its teeth while decorated with chains and horns. You can almost hear the creature growl as that low bass starts to play.

5. The Guy

The Band: Disturbed

Notable Hits: “Down with the Sickness,” “The Sound of Silence,” “Indestructible”

The Mascot: He’s only called The Guy. At first, he was just a creepy glowing face poking out of the darkness. Eventually, he evolved into an entire character with super powers and stories. He is a powerhouse and a hero who defeats large corporations and armies.

4. Jack O. Lantern

The Band: Helloween

Notable Hits: “I Want Out,” “Eagle Fly Free,” “Forever & One”

The Mascot: While Jack O. Lantern is usually just the pumpkin in place of the ‘O’ in Helloween, he can be more. He has been more. Jack O. Lantern has been featured in art and stories extensively by this metal band from Hamburg, Germany. Helloween has even made a comic featuring their characters called Seekers of the Seven Keys.

3. Murray

The Band: Dio

Notable Hits: “Rainbow in the Dark,” “Holy Diver,” “The Last in Line”

The Mascot: Ronnie James Dio was both whimsical and dark. He loved stories intensely, and told stories through any and every medium. In the Dream Evil tour book, Dio included a long and complicated history of the creature Murralsee. He is the son of a massive Malcovian ruler who fled from his murderous father. Only a trillion years later did he meet Dio in the woods. Dio nicknamed him Murray for short.

2. Vic Rattlehead

The Band: Megadeth

Notable Hits: “Sweating Bullets,” “Symphony of Destruction,” “A Tout Le Monde”

The Mascot: Vic Rattlehead has a massive history. The band writes songs about his life, tells stories about him, and he’s featured in most music videos. He’s a skeleton with a metal visor, jaw stapled shut, and covers over his ears. He represents the three classic wise monkeys: See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.

1. Eddie

The Band: Iron Maiden

Notable Hits: “Fear of the Dark,” “Hallowed Be Thy Name,” “Aces High”

The Mascot: By far, the most iconic metal mascot is Iron Maiden’s Eddie. He’s been a part of the band’s image since their beginning. He’s featured on album covers like The Trooper and more! His stories span the ages and mediums. There are countless graphic novels and games featuring Eddie. In fact, the mobile game Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast features a whole host of metal mascots such as Knucklehead and The Guy!

There are countless other iconic metal mascots, from Anthrax‘s The Not Man to Metallica’s Scary Guy and more!

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