Best Wonder Woman Exclamations!

By the goddess! Diana Prince has a long history, riddled with stories of Greek and Roman Gods. In some stories, she’s forged by clay, in others, she is the daughter of Zeus himself.

Whichever comic you’re reading, Wonder Woman has a unique way of talking about the world, informed by her life on the mythical island of Themyscira.

In the early days of Wonder Woman, she had as many catchphrases as Robin, the Boy Wonder. Many of her battle cries acknowledge the power of the gods that inspire and empower her.

So let’s be like Jumpa, Wonder Woman’s pet Kangaroo, and hop right into it as we shout out some of her best exclamations!

Suffering Sappho!

One of her catchphrases was “Suffering Sappho!” as a reference to one of the many Greek myths.

Just like Wonder Woman, Sappho was from an island of only women. And just like Sappho, Wonder Woman was deeply annoyed by men like Steve Trevor constantly getting themselves into trouble.

Great Hera!

Hera is the Queen of the Gods, and the wife of Zeus. In some versions of Diana’s origin story, she’s technically Wonder Woman‘s step-mom.

Hera is one of the many strong woman that inspire and motivate Wonder Woman. No wonder the princess of Themyscira says she’s so great!

Thunderbolts of Jove!

Jove is the Roman name for the Greek god of thunder, Zeus. So basically, Wonder Woman is calling out to the power of her own dad!

It’s an exclamation of surprise, and it strikes quickly, like lightning.

Neptune’s Trident!

Wonder Woman has been through all sorts of trials and tribulations. She’s had to prove her strength to challengers and gods alike.

When she exclaims “Neptune’s Trident!” she’s really dealt with it before! Like the thunderbolts of Jove, this mythological weapon names a shout of surprise from the Amazonian heroine.

Shades of Pluto!

Pluto is another name for the god of death, or Hades. Wonder Woman has been to Hades, and seen the pure evil of Pluto.

No wonder she screams “Shades of Pluto!” in fear!

By the Spear of Athena!

Athena is the Goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare. When Wonder Woman is in a bind or a battle, Athena is the perfect inspiration for her problem-solving prowess.

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