A Guide to Billy’s Family in Shazam! Fury of the Gods

By Melody McCune

It’s almost time for our favorite teenager with the powers of an ancient wizard to soar back into theaters. Shazam! Fury of the Gods, the highly anticipated sequel to 2019’s critically and audience-beloved Shazam!, arrives this month with a new premise, new villains, and a fully formed Shazam family.

If you’re scratching your head and wondering who’s who in the grand scheme of DC Comics things, worry no longer. Below, I’ve got a comprehensive breakdown of each member of the “Shazamily,” along with their goddess opponents, the Daughters of Atlas.

Who Are the Members of the Shazamily?

“We are Shazam-ily!” That’s how that song by Sister Sledge goes, right? The members of the Shazamily go as follows: Billy Batson, Mary Bromfield, Freddy Freeman, Eugene Choi, Darla Dudley, and Pedro Peña. If you recall, in Shazam!, Billy and his foster siblings wrestle control of Shazam’s magic staff and call out his name, thus transferring the Wizard’s immense power to each family member.

This transforms them into adult super heroes, all wearing the same suit with the lightning bolt on the chest and a white cape in different colors. After laying waste to Thaddeus Sivana, they returned to the Rock of Eternity. Let’s dive deeper into who they are.

Billy Batson

You’re probably more familiar with Billy than anyone, seeing how he was the protagonist in Shazam! Since he was the first to don his red super hero suit and wield Shazam’s powers, Billy’s naturally the leader of the pack. He was selected by the Wizard himself to be the Champion and Defender of the Rock of Eternity, a nexus of power in a nearby realm that allows the chosen one to wield Shazam’s abilities. He’s also known as Captain Marvel and the Captain.

Mary Bromfield

Also known as Lady Shazam, Mary sports the same red suit with the lightning bolt as Billy, except she wears a skirt. She’s the oldest foster sibling in the Vasquez family and the responsible one of the bunch. While she longs to be team leader, she settles for serving as a second in command since Billy was picked by the Wizard first. In the comics, Mary has a blast defeating baddies alongside Billy, and the pair harbor a close bond in their super hero forms.

Freddy Freeman

Freddy is loquacious and intelligent, with an ardent love for all things related to super heroes. He often cracks jokes to make light of difficult situations despite how much his disability pains him and the relentless bullying it brings. He’s best friends with Billy in his teenage form. In his super hero form, Freddy wears a blue suit and, in the comics, transforms into Captain Marvel Jr.

Eugene Choi

Eugene is the resident gamer and tech whiz in the family. Like Freddy, he’s immensely smart. He’s also brave but usually doesn’t know how to channel his courage properly, often appearing clumsy and uncoordinated. He dons a gray suit as a super hero. Once imbued with the powers of Shazam, Eugene prefers to hone in on the lightning aspect more than anything else, which he discharges from his fingers.

Darla Dudley

Darla is the youngest foster sibling in the Vasquez family. She crackles with vim and vigor, especially as a little girl, often bouncing around energetically. Darla harbors a deep love for animals and tries to eat vegan whenever possible. She also adores her siblings and maintains an optimistic outlook on life. As a super hero, Darla boasts a purple suit. She heavily favors utilizing the super speed aspect of her Shazam powers.

Pedro Peña

Pedro is Billy’s quiet, sensitive, and reserved foster brother. He doesn’t have the best grades in school, but that’s okay because Pedro’s perceptiveness and mental acuity are unmatched. He also loves candy and snacks. When Pedro takes on the super hero mantle, he sports a green suit with the same fixings as his siblings. He tends to focus more on his ability to fly and wield super strength than his other Shazam powers.

Who Are the Daughters of Atlas?

Now, it’s time to spotlight the villains in Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Meet Hespera, Kalypso, and Anthea. In the highly anticipated DC sequel, the Daughters of Atlas aim to wage war against the Shazamily and the powers they channel, believing they stole said powers from the gods. Their objective is to restore balance. Thus, it’s up to Billy and his siblings to stop them from destroying the world. Let’s delve into each daughter.


Hespera is the oldest Daughter of Atlas and the de facto leader. Her name is inspired by the Hesperides in Greek mythology, or “Daughters of the Evening.” She is the Guardian of the Tree of Life. Hespera endeavors to seek retribution for the death of her father and the gods, which plants the Shazamily in her crosshairs. Hespera controls the Power of the Elements, making her a formidable opponent. Her outrage knows no bounds, especially since she believes the Shazamily stole her father’s powers.


Kalypso is the middle child among the Daughters and is a Guardian of the Tree of Life. She’s unarguably the most dangerous among the trio, harnessing the Power of Chaos to wield absolute control over mortals. Kalypso can whisper maddening phrases to gain said control. She’ll do anything and everything to regain the full spectrum of her powers, even if that means eradicating her family.


Anthea is the youngest of the Daughters. She possesses the Power of Axis, an ability to bend Earth to her will. It’s unclear whether she’ll be as antagonistic as her older sisters or if she’ll switch to Team Shazamily. There’s undoubtedly ambiguity regarding her character, especially since she’s noticeably absent from most of the film’s promotional footage. We know she’ll have some chemistry with Freddy Freeman in his teenage form.

I’m excited to see these characters on the big screen in all their super-powered glory. I think Shazam! is one of the strongest movies in DC’s filmography thus far, brimming with so much humor, heart, and delightful character dynamics. Zachary Levi’s charisma bolsters the film’s entertainment factor. Bring on Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

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