Captain America Day: Event Overview

Recipient of the Super-Soldier serum, World War II hero Steve Rogers fights for American ideals as one of the world’s mightiest heroes and the leader of the Avengers.

Beloved by comics readers and cinephiles across generations, Captain America is a strategist and soldier who wields a Vibranium shield and a heart of gold. And this March, he will have been an indelible symbol of strength and freedom for 80 years.

What is Captain America Day?

March 10, 2021 is Captain America’s anniversary in Marvel Comics! To celebrate, Sideshow is bringing you live content, game shows, giveaways, product discounts, and Sideshow rewards.


There will be tons of giveaways going on across our social platforms as well as in the Facebook groups in honor of the star-spangled Avenger.

The prizes of the day include a Marvel Comics #1000 Fine Art Lithograph by Alex Ross, a Captain America: The First Avenger Statue by Iron Studios, a Captain America CosRider by Hot Toys, and many yet-to-be-revealed collectibles.

While we can’t tell you everything that’s going to be given away, you can expect to see some Premium Format™ Figures, art prints, and so much more.

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Beginning March 10 on Captain America Day, take 10% off select in-stock Captain America products with the code CAPTDAY21. You can browse eligible items right at  This promotion expires on March 11, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST.

Streaming Content

The first livestream of the day is an Instant Giveaway at 9 AM PST. Watch along as our hosts show you the prize and a moderator drops a link to enter for a chance to win the prize. You must be present to win, and you should also be present later in the afternoon at 1 PM PST for the 100% Promo Hunt.

During the 100% Promo Hunt, we will announce when a mystery treasure has been hidden on our website; these will take the form of an extremely limited 100% off promotional code on a random collectible that only the fastest handful of people will be able to claim. If you find the code and are able to redeem it, you are still responsible for paying shipping, but this special opportunity is open to domestic and international collectors.

Additionally, Sideshow’s best curators have created a Booth Tour of museum quality. Watch at 10 AM PST as we browse the best Captain America collectibles, explain the history behind each piece, and celebrate those classic stars and stripes.

“Cap” off your day The Comics Haul with Amy & Paul. This special episode will cover decades of Captain America comics LIVE at 4 PM PST. Make sure to join us and tell us your favorite Captain America arcs, designs, and eras.

See you there!

Game Shows

There’s one game show on March 10, and it’s Cobbled Cosplay. This contest, full of fashion faux-pas, panic, and aluminum foil, pits two contestants against each other to recreate a real costume or outfit in only 10 minutes.

Defending champion Missy Haywood will be challenged by Guy James Klender, our resident Sixth Scale expert from Unsealed & Revealed. They will play by proxy for two contestants, only one of whom will go home with a SECRET Captain America themed prize!

You can enter for your chance to be a contestant on one of these shows HERE.

Players will have to carefully adhere to the instructions to claim their spot. You may also get chosen as a runner up or alternate, not a main player. If you are selected as an alternate, the best way to improve your chances to actually play is by following instructions carefully.

We look forward to playing with you!


*All times listed in PST

Wednesday, March 10:

  • 9 AM: Instant Giveaway
  • 10 AM: Booth Tour – 80 Years of Captain America
  • 1 PM: 100% Promo Hunt
  • 2 PM: Cobbled Cosplay
  • 4 PM: The Comics Haul

Interested in this heroic holiday? Remember to follow us on social media and turn on all those notifications so you can Let Your Geek Sideshow on March 10, 2021 for Captain America Day!