Check Out New Photos of the Gallevarbe Eyes of the Queen Premium Format Figure!

New photos and out of the box video of the Court of the Dead’s Gallevarbe Eyes of the Queen Premium Format Figure are here!

As a Flesh faction stalwart and a personal favorite of Queen Gethsemoni, Gallevarbe’s malleable form proves to be highly advantageous for this ruthless spy-assassin. Gallevarbe’s smooth aqua-green flesh is dappled with scales, expertly-crafted by Master Sculptor Mark Newman. Perched on an Underworld ruin downwind from her quarry, Gallevarbe’s dark hair flows in the breeze and her lethal bone-forged blades, comprised of metal, are at the ready.

Who needs knives when you’ve got claws? Unleash the raw, unhindered wrath of Gallevarbe with her Exclusive Edition “Touch of Death” swap-out hand, featuring deadly finger adornments.