Cinephiles, Step into the Ring with Rocky Movie Collectibles

Sports matches are exhilarating, from the grueling training period to the fateful matchups when athletes go head to head to compete for a trophy, title, or other championship. One beloved movie franchise has captured the thrill, the drama, and the aspirational journey across decades of cinematic storytelling: Rocky. Even through its modern spinoff series Creed (which premieres its third film in March 2023), audiences love to root for the underdog. Now you can add the champions to your own trophy shelf.

Step into the ring with the Rocky movie statue collection from Premium Collectibles Studio. The series spans the first four iconic Rocky films and incorporates heroes, heels, and enough fateful matchups to make your head spin. Fans of these cinematic fighters won’t want to miss their chance to bring home a piece of the action.

Rocky Balboa Statues

The eponymous Rocky Balboa is an undeniable film icon. Perhaps the first character in cinema anyone thinks of when they hear the phrase, “training montage,” his tenacity in and out of the boxing ring has cemented his place in pop culture. Premium Collectibles Studio celebrates the heavyweight champ’s evolution with four distinct statue releases from Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, and Rocky IV.

Each 1:3 scale statue in the Rocky Balboa series measures about 26″ tall on a 13 x 13″ boxing mat-inspired base with colors and theming to match each movie. Designed in both the facial and physical likeness of actor Sylvester Stallone, these impressive mixed-media pieces combine tailored fabric costume components with muscular and fight-ready sculpture to create the ultimate character tribute.


The Rocky 1:3 Scale Statue features the heavyweight hopeful in white and red fabric shorts based on his first film outing against Apollo Creed. He also comes with a tailored red fabric robe that reads “Italian Stallion” on the back and a white towel, both of which can be displayed on the figure or on the included display rack. This statue is ready to ship from and is limited to an edition size of only 325 pieces.

Rocky II

The Rocky II Edition 1:3 Scale Statue is sold out as a standalone piece, but can be purchased alongside the first Rocky film statue in the Italian Stallion Statue Set, which is available now and ready to ship. His tailored costume features black and yellow shorts with an elastic waistband, and a yellow and black robe with the Italian Stallion logo on the back. Don’t miss this limited engagement rematch, perfect to pair with the Apollo Creed (Rocky II Version) Statue.

Rocky III

For his bout against the fiery challenger Clubber Lang, the Rocky III Statue has an all-new sculpt and likeness reflecting his serious experience by this point in the franchise. He wears gold and black fabric shorts and has a gold and black Italian Stallion robe which can be displayed on or alongside the figure thanks to the included display rack. Rocky also wears matching gold boxing gloves, giving him a prize-winning look wherever he stands.

Rocky IV

After tragedy strikes the 1985 exhibition bout, Rocky steps back in the ring to take on the ruthless Ivan Drago. His patriotic uniform pairs perfectly with the Apollo Creed (Rocky IV Edition) Statue available for pre-order from He wears starred-and-striped boxing shorts, is back in the classic red gloves, and stands on a boxing mat with a gray, red, and yellow winged logo design. Balboa might surrender his championship to fight for his beliefs, but you don’t want to surrender a chance to pre-order this jaw-dropping (and jaw-bruising) Rocky IV Statue.

Apollo Creed Statues

From opponent to ally to a casualty of Ivan Drago’s cruelty, Apollo Creed has always been a driving force behind Rocky’s journey to the heavyweight championship. So powerful was his influence on the franchise that it spawned a spinoff series, Creed. This continuation spotlights Adonis Creed, an amateur boxer and son of the late Apollo.

Now, fans can revisit the beloved boxer’s most climactic matches with two detailed Apollo Creed statue releases: the Rocky II Edition and Rocky IV edition.

Apollo Creed (Rocky II)

Fresh off a close victory and title defense in the first Rocky film, the Apollo Creed (Rocky II) Statue shows the boxer keeping light on his feet as he goes for a rematch. With the likeness of actor Carl Weathers, this statue has a muscled physique and sculpted costuming details like his gloves, socks, and boots alongside tailored fabric elements.

He is currently waitlisted on the website, so if you pre-ordered your piece of the limited edition of only 325 pieces, Creed is expected to ship in spring 2023.

Apollo Creed (Rocky IV)

He’s the master of disaster, ready to put on a patriotic show against the Soviet challenger Ivan Drago. Before the tragic results of their fight, the Apollo Creed (Rocky IV) Statue captures his fearless attitude and swagger in the boxing ring. His smiling portrait features a sculpted top hat with a red, white, and blue color scheme.

Apollo Creed’s fighting stance is more playful than previous releases, as he dances around the mat in an American flag-motif robe with gold tassels and sparkling star highlights. What an exhibition match! Pre-order this statue and pit him against Ivan Drago or alongside Rocky Balboa to recreate an unforgettable cinematic showdown.

Clubber Lang Statue

The antagonist of Rocky III, James “Clubber” Lang is a brazen boxer looking to upset Rocky’s rise to the heavyweight championship. With a back and forth battle for the title, the Southside Slugger and Italian Stallion duke it out in a series of challenging bouts.

Sculpted in the likeness of Mr. T, this Clubber Lang 1:3 Scale Statue measures 27″ tall and stands on a 13 x 13″ boxing mat base which features the Italian Stallion logo and color scheme.

His tailored fabric costume elements include his powder blue shorts with “CLUBBER” on the elastic waistband and a robe and towel set that reads Clubber Lang, Southside Slugger” on the back. This piece is perfect to pair with the Rocky III Statue. Make sure you don’t “drop this chump” when crafting your ultimate display.

Ivan Drago Statues

Ruthless and cold, Ivan Drago comes from the Soviet Union to upset the balance of the heavyweight boxing world. Premium Collectibles Studio has created two different statue representations of the Siberian Bull so collectors can face him off against either Apollo Creed or Rocky Balboa, just like in the pulse-pounding film fights. Expertly detailed in the likeness of actor Dolph Lundgren, these figures make perfect foes for your Rocky collection.

If he misses out, he misses out. While each individual statue is waitlisted on, fans can still bring home the set of 2, sold as the Siberian Express Set, for their collection. But hurry, there are only 75 of these sets ever made!

Ivan Drago, Siberian Bull

The Ivan Drago Statue outfitted with yellow shorts, gloves, boots, and jacket shows the fighter as he appeared in his lethal bout with Apollo Creed. The version of Ivan Drago with his red shorts, gloves, boots, and jacket is taken from his climactic match against Rocky Balboa.

Both figures boast expertly tailored costuming like other pieces in the Rocky collection, but Drago also includes a jacket emblazoned with the Soviet hammer and sickle that can be displayed on or alongside the figure. However you display him, this villain is sure to be a knockout!

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