Comic Vine gets ‘Hands On’ Hot Toys John Blake & Batsignal

Review and photos by Tony ‘G-Man’ Guerrero

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This week we’re cranking things up a little and taking a look at the John Blake and Bat-Signal Sixth Scale figure.

Hot Toys always does a great job with the packaging.

Once you remove this piece, it’s almost intimidating. These figures have so many options with the multiple hands and accessories.

The figure is impressive. They’ve captured Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s likeness pretty well.

They took the time to put in as much detail as possible. You can see the stitching, badges, zippers, buttons, and everything.

What about the Bat-Signal?

It’s pretty solid. It almost looks a little weathered. It also looks like it has a power switch off to the side.

The Bat-Signal does rotate. You can move it completely around as well as up and down. Here’s a look at the back.

You can turn on the signal manually or use a remote that comes with it.

The real question is, how well does the signal work? How bright is that tiny little light bulb?

Overall, it’s a cool set. There’s been a few figures from the Christopher Nolan Batman films. This is a way to add to those if you have them plus you can get a working Bat-Signal!

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