Review: Hot Toys Captain America and Steve Rogers Sixth Scale Set

Review by Mallory Murphy

Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles have teamed up again to bring collectors a Steve Rogers and Captain America figure set worthy of critical acclaim. They were kind enough to send us the pair to take a look at and we were beyond impressed.

Packaging: Maintaining their high standard of excellence, the Hot Toys design team set the tone for the high quality of the figures with exceptional packaging. The box cover and interior insert both depict the figures, capturing the signature drama and attention to detail you’ve come to know and love.

Aesthetic: Steve Rogers’ likeness to Chris Evans is almost uncanny. From the figure’s proportions and posture to its flawlessly executed coloring, this is a gorgeous collectible from head to toe. They even managed to capture Evans’ steely gaze and light blonde highlights, leaving no detail overlooked.

For a figure, the quality of the costuming is also astounding. The stitching on the jacket and jeans and the gradient fade on the boots all reinforce the feeling of authenticity this collectible radiates. You’re not just adding a Chris Evans doll to your collection; this is Steve Rogers, Avenger, bad-ass, heart-throb.

The Captain America figure is something else altogether. The level of detail that went into creating the costume for this figure is something that can only be rivaled by what went into creating Evans’ costume for the film. From the stitching to the pockets to the buckles on his boots, the design team made sure every fine detail of the movie costume is represented in this collectible.

The shields that come with the figures are also gorgeous. One new, one that’s seen the throes of battle, they allow fans to display both figures with their most iconic accessory. And the leather vest on Cap’s costume allows you to hang his shield on his back (a separate black clip that comes with the figure slides into place to hold the shield securely), again in an iconic fashion.

Posability: Both figures can stand on their own, and they each come with simple, elegant stands so you can display them however best suits your taste. Both figures come with a wide variety of hands, so you have plenty of options when it comes to arm position and how you want your figures to wield the shield. A mask for the Steve Rogers figure is also included, as is a replica of the magnetic arm cuff that we saw ineffectually try to detain Cap in everyone’s favorite elevator scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (It’s not actually magnetic; it’s just for effect.)

The Captain America costume is a bit more restrictive when it comes to range of motion for the figure than Rogers’ jeans-and-tee-shirt ensemble, but you’ll still be able to get Cap into his iconic poses / stances without issue.

Overall Value: From the attention to detail in the costumes and character traits to the high quality materials used, these figures are a phenomenal value across the board. If you’re looking to grow your collection by Steve Rogers and Captain America, these are absolutely the figures for you. They exceeded our expectations at every turn, which is no small feat since we know and respect the quality of Hot Toys products. This may just be the finest figure set they released this year.

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