Coming to Netflix September 2017 – Geek Edition

Netflix just released a newsletter highlighting all of the awesome new content being made available to stream starting in September.  They also gave viewers a heads-up as to which shows would be leaving the site soon in case you wanted to watch them again before they disappear.

We took a look at the list, and here are our most anticipated shows coming to Netflix in September 2017- the Geek Edition, of course!

New to Netflix

September 1– Jaws, Disney’s Hercules, Pulp Fiction

Netflix September Geek Guide

Netflix is starting September with a bang, adding a few dozens of new shows and movies to stream.  Cult classics such as Jaws and Pulp Fiction to the list for geeky releases at the top of the month.  There are also a few fun Disney animated films appearing at the start of September like Hercules, so be sure to check them out!

September 8– The Walking Dead Season 7

Netflix September Geek Guide

Based on the hit comic series, The Walking Dead continues its endless war against the undead.  If you somehow haven’t managed to catch up on Season 6’s cliffhanger, get ready to meet the full force of Negan.  His actions will haunt the survivors throughout this gripping season.  Also, there are still zombies to deal with!

September 19– Beauty and the Beast

Netflix September Geek Guide

Disney’s live action adaptation of this beloved classic captured the imaginations of audiences everywhere, and now viewers will get a chance to relive the magic when Netflix adds Beauty and the Beast to its streaming lineup.

September 21– Gotham Season 3

Netflix September Geek Guide

Dig even deeper into the past of Gotham City with season 3 of Gotham from Fox.  This season peels back the curtain on the infamous Court of Owls organization and takes a look at just how they are affecting the lives of everyone in Gotham.  Season 3 begins streaming the same day that Season 4 premieres on television, so you’ll have to catch up quick!

Last Chance to Watch

September 1– The Batman Season 1-5, Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street

Netflix September Geek GuideNetflix September Geek Guide

Some truly haunting horror classics will be leaving Netflix at the start of the month.  Is that enough to make you scream?  If you want to watch Scream or A Nightmare on Elm Street, hurry because these shows will no longer be available to stream once September rolls around.  The animated series The Batman will also be making its exit, leaving us with a dark and stormy night without these fan favorites.

September 5– Lilo & Stitch

Netflix September Geek Guide

Ohana means nobody gets left behind- unless you don’t watch this show by September 5th!  This animated Disney film about finding your chosen family will be saying aloha to Netflix and leaving the streaming site early in the month.  That might make some badness levels go waaaay up.

September 11– Terra Nova Season 1

Netflix September Geek Guide

On our social media, we recently held several polls for which cancelled television shows were fan favorites.  Terra Nova received plenty of votes and support from fans, so if you’re curious about this sci-fi drama, you’d better get watching!  This is the show’s first and only season and it deals with themes of dystopia and time-stream travel.  Sounds cool!

Are you getting your September calendar ready to rock with all these new shows streaming?  You’ve still got a few weeks to catch up on some of the shows leaving the site, but they won’t last forever!  Overall, this looks like a perfect geek lineup to kick off the fall!

What will you be watching?