Court of the Dead at SDCC

Welcome to the Underworld. Prepare thyself, Mourner.

Sideshow’s first original property continues to take center stage at Booth #1929. This year, an insanely detailed 1:1 representation of Death is introducing freshly chummed mourners to even more members of his own Court.

If you’re going to spend any time in the Underworld, and let’s face it, once you’re there – you’re not leaving, then you should know who you’ll be encountering.

Avarkus: The Red Death – Hailed as what might be the most grotesque figure Sideshow has ever created, Avarkus holds a mask representing his life’s true desires. Upon his back hangs a gruesome embroidered cloak that imprisons the faces the souls he’s collected.

Shard: The Mortal Trespasser – The only mortal wandering around the Underworld, Shard was brought here by Death for a specific purpose. However, it is only he that knows what that purpose may be. If you’re interested in learning more about Shard and her journey then keep an eye out for a monthly comic series being published this fall.

Death: Master of the Underworld – Known by many names, like the Alltaker or Shepard of Souls, Death first marshalled his Court when he realized that he no longer wanted to be a pawn in the ceaseless war between Heaven and Hell.

Demithyle: The Exalted Reaper General – If Death were to have a right hand, then it would likely be the being known at Demithyle. Charged with the most trusted of tasks, Demithyle’s loyalty to his cause and purpose is unwavering.

Malavestros – Not much is known about Malavestros. Perhaps the underworld’s most precocious figure, he can often be found lurking in the shadows and keeping up with the secrets and rumors that swirl around the Underworld. This figure you see before you is the first time that we’ve managed to capture his likeness.

Xiall: The Great Osteomancer – It’s best that we don’t say too much about her here. I doubt that this is the safest place to be discussing one of such…power.

Kier: Valkyrie of the Dead – Before you ask, no…her feet are not stained by the blood of those that she has laid to waste. Those happen to be tattoos…representing the blood of those that she has laid to waste. Don’t stare.

Cleopsis: Eater of the Dead – Oh, how the once beautiful Cleopsis has fallen. Sent to study the world of men, she was brought back to the Underworld when her own aspirations came into direct conflict with that of Death’s. It is never wise to upset the boss.


Oglavaeil: The Executioner – Didn’t think you could die again did you? Allow us to reintroduce you to Oglavaeil.

If you’re interested in learning more about Court of the Dead then be sure to check out the livestream from the booth, or consider picking up the Chronicle of the Underworld and scratching the surface.