Court of the Dead – The Executioner is rising


Based on all original character designs, Sideshow is proud to introduce Oglavaeil, the Executioner and his hound, Skratch, from our Court of the Dead collection.

Oglavaeil – The Executioner Premium Format™ Figure


“You cannot run from your fate. No one knows this better than I…”



Appointed by Death and bound by duty, the Executioner exists to uphold justice and maintain balance in the Court of the Dead. Gentle and sympathetic by nature, but powerful enough to tear the very realm asunder, Oglavaeil moves silently through the Underworld, burdened by the fear and dread cast wherever he goes.



Wielding two sinister swords, etched with haunting depictions of the destinies that await his ill-fated marks, his piercing eyes see through all layers of deception worn by those that fall under his gaze.



Woe be to those whom the Executioner discovers have betrayed Death – for there is no escaping his icy grasp once a soul is in his sights…


Skratch – Hound of the Executioner Premium Format™ Figure


Ever at his master’s side, there is little known about the origin of Skratch, hound of the Executioner. Some believe Oglavaeil’s gruesome pet a mindless demon, captured on the fringes of hell, and bound in servitude. Others suspect Skratch may have once been human, merely a stray soul, as desperate for companionship as the Executioner himself. Only one thing is for certain – where Oglavaiel goes, the hound shall always be found…


Crafted on a themed base that interlocks with that of his master, Skratch is the perfect companion to the Oglavaeil Premium Format™ Figure.



Artist Credits

  • Matt Black (Design, Sculpt)
  • Amilcar Fong of Viggiano Studios (Design)
  • Michael Norman (Sculpt)
  • Walter O’Neal (Sculpt)
  • Alfred Paredes (Sculpt)
  • Chadwick Andersen (Mold & Cast)
  • Adam Smith (Mold & Cast)
  • Michael Woodring (Mold & Cast)
  • Anthony Mestas (Paint)
  • Kevin Ellis (Costume)
  • Sideshow Design & Development Team


Oglavaeil will be priced at $599.99, and Skratch at $149.99, with optional payment plans available. Plus, save $20 when you purchase them together as a bundle.

Pre-orders begin this Thursday, January 29th. Rise, conquer, rule.


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