Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising Update #2 – Reward Tiers!

Greetings, fellow Mourners!

Last update we gave you a sneak peak at the rich 2D concept art for Sideshow’s first-ever video game – Underworld Rising. Set within the world of Court of the Dead, those characters should be familiar allies (or foes)!

Now we want to show off something new. If you help us make this game a reality, here are a few of the rewards you could reap…

If you pledge $10 to our cause, then a Mourner you shall be, for it earns you Beta Access to the game sometime late summer 2017.

For those who wish to attain the status of Legionnaire, then with $25 you shall have to part. That sacrifice will grant you the ability to choose between an Ultimate Guard Game Mat or a PS4 Console Skin along with the following exclusive DLC: 

  • A unique wearable – the Legionnaire’s Pall Shroud to give you an edge in strength!

  • Five crypt coffers to gift you with five randomized surprise pieces of loot 

  • And, of course, access to the Beta

At $50, you leave the Legionnaires behind and join the elite ranks of the Darkshadow Mass. Lay claim to all of the past rewards, but also choose between an exclusive enamel pin set or the compendium The Chronicle of the Underworld.  You’ll also benefit with an additional 15 crypt coffers, and the exclusive Needlestick Mongrel in-game pet to follow you around and increase your energy capacity.

A Rieven Knight holds a play of power within the Court of the Dead, but such a title can still be bought. A pledge of $75 brings you a physical token of rank – the Rieven Knight Underworld United Medallion Brooch. Let it be the crown jewel of your collection amongst all the previously listed items you’ll receive as well.

No knight is complete without a trusty mount. At this level, you will also get the exclusive Underworld Veil Steed, who will increase your travel speed in-game. Don’t forget to name your beast! You can mull over names whilst you open a further 20 crypt coffers. (That’s 40 total, for all you broobs at math.) 

If items such as these are of interest to you, then we’re just getting started. Sign up for updates to keep following this blog and learn about the final sets of backer rewards that are available for Sideshow’s first Kickstarter!

Rise, Conquer, Rule!