Court of the Dead: Underworld Rising Update #4 – The Final Reward Tiers!

Good mourning!

Welcome to the last update before the Kickstarter launches! This time around we’re going to introduce you to the final set of backer rewards. This is where the rewards go from great to something really special.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

At level 5 you will have the title of Knight of Mortis bestowed upon you for a mere $100. You’ll also earn:

  • Set of three limited-edition enamel pins
  • Chronicle of the Underworld
  • Choice of Ultimate Guard Game Mat or PS4 Console Skin
  • Rieven Knight Underworld United Brooch by Han Cholo
  • Four exclusive DLC items
  • 60 randomized Crypt Coffers
  • And access to the Beta

Do you aspire to be Death’s Executioner? Then this is the tier that you want to be a part of. For $750 the list grows yet again and begins to introduce some exciting, unique Sideshow sculpted craftsmanship, such as:

  • The exclusive gun metal grey Oglavaeil Bust
    • This bust, in this striking monochromatic palette, is only available through the Kickstarter. However, it is a sneak peek into new collectible formats we’re exploring for Court of the Dead. If you want in on the ground floor of the expanded Underworld, then this is where you start.
  • The Chronicle of the Underworld is here as well, but this time we’re going to sign it for you.
  • All of the other rewards from past tiers come along for the ride as well with the addition of:
    • 40 more randomized Crypt Coffers
    • “Skratch” pet DLC

Still craving more? Then let us emblazon your soul with the Mark of the Alltaker. Tier 7 backers will have contributed $1,500 but earned so much, including:

  • The Death Premium Format™ Figure, signed by Court of the Dead Creator Tom Gilliland
    • This tier is the first time that you’ll have the ability to purchase the Death Premium Format™ Figure. We’ve set aside a small quantity of lower-number pieces our Sideshow Exclusive Edition, which will be released later this year, just for those who earn the Mark of the Alltaker.
  • You’ll also receive all of the rewards from previous levels, including the Oglavaeil!

Tier 8 is where backers are emblazoned with the title of Epic Mourner Fidelis. For $3,000 it would have to be something extraordinary, and so it is. We are proud to announce that one of our favorite artists, and the pencil behind a great deal of Court of the Dead art – Amilcar Fong – will craft a custom grey-scale portrait of your likeness as a new soul – a mourner – in the Underworld.

Of course, if you’re a mourner then you reside in the Underworld, so your likeness will make an in-game appearance in Underworld Rising!

If that’s not enough, at the Epic Mourner Fidelis level you also receive the backer rewards from all previous tiers.

Finally…we invite you to walk In the Dark Shepherd’s Shadow. For those truly brave, $10,000 earns your soul more access to the Underworld than ever before. All of the previously mentioned rewards are there, including the custom portrait, Death Premium Format™ Figure, and Oglaveil bust, with an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience added in:

  • Sideshow will fly you out to our Studio, put you up for two nights, and Tom Gilliland – Chief Creative Officer and Creator of Court of the Dead – will give you an exceptionally rare behind-the-scenes tour of the Sideshow studio. You’ll see where and how our remarkable artists create the museum-quality collectibles that we are known for.

That brings our backer reward tiers to a conclusion! Ladies and gentlemen, the Kickstarter launches on Monday October 3 at 9am pst and we would love you all to be a part of Sideshow taking the next step towards expanding the world we have created. It’s time to Rise. Conquer. Rule.