Curious Fine Art Print by Artist Vincent Hie

Debuting an original series of prehistoric illustrations by artist Vincent Hie, Sideshow presents the Curious Fine Art Print.

Explore a prehistoric paradise with Vincent Hie’s lush and imaginative depiction of a Brachiosaurus family wandering through a tranquil Jurassic landscape. These vibrantly colored gentle giants roam in search of vegetation against a sunset skyline with a rushing waterfall at their backs. In the foreground, the youngest Brachiosaur spies a dragonfly, looking playfully at the large insect and balancing youthful curiosity with the majesty and experience of its full-grown guardians.

Each Curious Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of only 150 pieces. This fine art collectible is a must-have for dinosaur enthusiasts!

Wondering what dinosaur life may have looked like? Bring home the Curious Fine Art Print by Vincent Hie and experience prehistory come to life in your collection!

Pre-orders for the Curious Fine Art Print will begin on Friday, August 28th between 9am-12pm PT. The Unframed Edition will be priced at $60 USD. The Framed Edition will be priced at $160 USD.