Custom Splotch Colorways Challenge- Let Your Unruly Sideshow Giveaway

Are you ready to Let Your Unruly Sideshow?

Ever wanted to join the ranks of artists who completed their own unique and signature Blank Splotch creation? Well, now you can. For this contest, we’re challenging you to create your own Customized Splotch Design for a chance to win an awesome Designer Collectible Toys prize pack from Unruly Industries.

But wait a minute,” you say. “I have no Blank Splotch prepared!

Not to worry, Designer-Artist-in-Training. This challenge only requires that you complete your own original 2D Splotch Design. There is no purchase necessary to enter.

To start, make sure you download the template below to work from:

From there, you can take off and use your own imagination! How you would like to complete this task is completely up to you. You can print the image out and draw on it, use a digital medium to create your project, or use any other method that strikes your creative fancy.

To see some examples of past customized Splotches, check out our Custom Splotch Exhibition, featuring the work of Unruly Industries™ artists like Xhanthi, Pseudo5, and more.

What Can I Win?

You can see the items listed in the Grand Prize Pack over on our Gleam, featuring work from Designer Artists such as Tracy Tubera, Erik Scoggan, Jesse Hernandez, Craola, and T. Wei!

Even if you don’t win the #1 spot, you will still have the chance to walk away with a prize! The next three runner-up winners will be chosen by our team to win the Splotch Designer Toy by Unruly Ind.!

How to Enter

To make sure that your entry counts, upload your completed design to either Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Then, in the caption, be sure to tag @UnrulyInd on your upload platform of choice, and add the hashtag #CustomSplotch.

Once you have completed this step, head over to our Gleam page to submit your post. Make sure you have connected your social media to Gleam, and from there it will automatically scan your feed for anything featuring the #CustomSplotch hashtag! You may then pick which post you’d like to count as your entry.

This contest ends on November 15th at 11:59:59PM PST, so make sure you enter before then.

Once the contest has closed, our Unruly Ind. team will examine the entries and choose the one they feel best merits the Grand Prize. You can expect the winner to be announced here on this blog within the following two days!

Some Notes

Since this giveaway is not a random entry contest, be sure to only upload it once on one platform. Multiple submissions does not mean multiple entries.

Due to international giveaway laws, this giveaway is available to U.S. residents only.

Please see our terms and conditions for more details at

That’s it!

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get those creative juices flowing so we can see the finished product! Don’t forget to take your entry to Gleam when you’re ready to submit. We can’t wait to see how you like to Let Your Unruly Sideshow!

Be sure to reach out to us on Social Media with any questions that you may have.