DC Comics Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn Maquettes by Tweeterhead

Sideshow offers DC Comics fans a wide variety of DC Comics collectibles — even the Bat-Computer couldn’t access a more thorough catalogue of heroes, villains, and monsters from throughout the Omniverse!

From action figures to statues and more, you can find your favorite DC characters in a range of formats to fit every collection. With the new exclusive distribution of Tweeterhead products at Sideshow, the company Tweeterhead is now able to offer its impressive DC Comics Maquette line in stunning sixth scale and new quarter scale sizes.

What does this mean for collectors? Now you can display your Tweeterhead Maquettes alongside Sideshow’s own quarter scale Premium Format™ Figures. Or you can simply collect your DC statues in the size that best fits your shelf space.

Tweeterhead and Sideshow launched this new product offering with the Wonder Woman Maquette. The collection has expanded to also include the Harley Quinn Maquette. Below, get all the details about these lovely ladies and the scale differences so that you can decide which best suits your DC display.

Wonder Woman Maquette

Whatever your shelf space, Diana Prince fills it with grace. The Wonder Woman Maquette is fierce and proud in any scale. She can stand valiantly above your collection in 1:4 (clocking in at 37″ tall holding her spear!), or join other previously released 1:6 members of the Justice League such as The Flash 1:6 Maquette or the Superman 1:6 Maquette. Both scales of this Wonder Woman Collector Edition include two swap-out weapons — a spear and a sword — to increase the range of display options at your fingertips.

EXCLUSIVE Wonder Woman Maquette

The Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Wonder Woman Maquette comes with a third weapon option. Diana’s battle ax is sharp and shining. When wielding this additional accessory, the statue measures an impressive 35” tall in 1:4 scale or 25.5″ tall in 1:6 scale. With this special feature, plus the multiple scale options sold separately, there’s no limit to the ways this Amazon princess can join the fight for peace.

Harley Quinn Maquette

The Harley Quinn 1:6 Maquette is fresh out of Arkham Asylum and ready to create chaos once more in simpering statue form! With two portraits included even in the Collector Edition, she’s as versatile and vivacious as ever. Pair the 1:6 scale version with these similarly scaled The Joker Maquette and/or the Poison Ivy Maquette to keep Harley close to her most iconic partners. ‘Cause what more could a Gotham gal want?

EXCLUSIVE Harley Quinn Maquette

Craving a Clown Princess to absolutely rule your DC collection? The Sideshow EXCLUSIVE Harley Quinn Maquette has a tiny pistol swap-out that simply pops. On her toppling tower of toys, she can certainly enjoy her view of your other Gotham City collectibles, including Sideshow’s Premium Format™ Figures of Batman, The Joker, and more. Put her above the rest in 1:4 scale to suit her royal station, or match her 1:6 form with a fellow Arkham inmate — like the Scarecrow Maquette by Tweeterhead!

Are you excited about these statue offerings? There’s nobody better to start with than two of the most iconic DC Comics ladies. Of course, if you agree, they’re only a few clicks away from making them a permanent part of your DC display.

Which DC Comics characters do you want to see next in this dual-scale product line? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!