Deadpool Day: Event Overview

He’s the most handsome Merc with a Mouth. He’s Cable’s BFF. He’s the chimichanga-chomping, rapid-healing X-Force leader and X-Men Trainee with dramatic flair and a red costume to hide that pesky blood he gets on him from all his dashing heroics. He’s Deadpool, and he’s here to be celebrated—

Well, we’re only *partially* celebrating Mr. Pool. We’re also celebrating his fans by throwing a party in his honor for everyone on Thursday, April 1st, 2021.

Read on for more information—and don’t forget to bring tacos!

What is Deadpool Day?

It’s wall-to-wall Wade Wilson! Deadpool Day is a day-long Sideshow event centered around this beloved Marvel character. On April 1st, 2021, Sideshow is bringing him the nice, confetti-filled bash he deserves. Not the bone-crushing bash he usually gets when facing down really tough enemies.

Like with all Sideshow events, fans can look forward to Sideshow Rewards, live content, giveaways, and game shows in honor of the regenerating degenerate.

We know it’s also April Fool’s Day, but we promise there aren’t any pranks we’re playing on you. Below you’ll find a full, factual schedule for this special Thursday celebration.


There will be a few giveaways going on across our social platforms as well as in the Facebook groups. To help bolster your chances, you should follow Sideshow across Social Media, click those notification bells to be alerted when we post, and keep an eye out for when we go live.

Are we giving away a unicorn?



But there will be plenty of other prizes you have a chance to grab! You can view the terms and conditions for Sideshow contests at

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Streaming Content

There are many livestreams happening on Thursday. These include:

Instant Giveaways, where you can watch along as our hosts show you the prize up for grabs and a moderator drops a link live to enter for a chance to win the prize. These quick drops happen in a flash, so you’ll want to make sure to have notifications turned on for your best chance to enter.

During the 100% Promo Hunt, we will announce when a mystery treasure has been hidden on our website; these will take the form of an extremely limited 100% off promotional code on a random collectible that only the fastest handful of people will be able to claim. If you find the code and are able to redeem it, you are still responsible for paying shipping, but this special opportunity is open to domestic and international collectors.

We’ll also have a Wade-approved Booth Tour at 10 AM. Think of it as a little Deadpool Con because we think he deserves a big display for his special day just like Captain America.

Trivial Cahoots

It wouldn’t be Deadpool Day without a battle of some sort. Join us at 5 PM PDT for a Trivia Game called Trivial Cahoots. This themed show is a little different than our other games because the audience gets to participate LIVE, answering between 15-20 questions. Winners get Sideshow rewards and bragging rights.

Game Shows

The Deadpool Day game show is a cutthroat round of Cobbled Cosplay. The best part? We want YOU to sign up as participants! That’s right; we need contestants to play each game, and each contestant has a chance to win an awesome prize. Starting March 26 at midnight PT, you can enter for your chance to be a contestant on one of these shows HERE. Registration ends at noon PDT on March 31, so act fast.

Need more information? Here’s a breakdown of the game.

Cobbled Cosplay

If you love costumes, makeup, and watching people stress out over time constraints and fashion faux-pas, Cobbled Cosplay is the one for you. Contestants will play by proxy, aligning themselves with one of our two cosplayers, one of whom will be crowned Cobbled Cosplay champion!

If their proxy player wins, the winner will take home a prize, but to find out what you can win, you’ll simply have to break the fourth wall to find out.


*All times listed in PDT

Thursday, April 1

  • 9 AM: Instant Giveaway
  • 10 AM: Deadpool Con Booth Tour
  • 1 PM: 100% Promo Hunt
  • 2 PM: Cobbled Cosplay
  • 5 PM: Trivial Cahoots

Kids, grab your katanas and get ready to party with the coolest, baddest, most gorgeous, most adored— Well, just put a big red heart on April 1st (AKA April Pool’s Day) and we’ll see you there!