Turn Heads with Threezero’s Demogorgon Sixth Scale Figure

Pop in a cassette, check the tire pressure on your bike, and get ready for something monstrous straight out of Hawkins, Indiana — the Demogorgon Sixth Scale Figure, from Threezero and Sideshow, is here!

The Monster of season 1 terrorized The Party and now it’s available to add to your own Stranger Things collection. Check out our video below!

The Demogorgon Details

Towering at an impressive 16 inches tall, the Demogorgon Sixth Scale Figure has a fully poseable body with 24 points of articulation. With two interchangeable heads and two pairs of interchangeable hands, The Monster can be displayed in an endless range of horrific poses. Watch out, Will Byers!

The fully articulated body is covered in a realistic, multi-layered paint application that recreates the Demogorgon’s slimy, sinewy flesh. Elbow and ankle joints, along with the creature’s grotesque torso, utilize soft PVC to enable maximum range of motion.

In addition, the sixth scale Stranger Things figure features one closed-mouth head for stalking prey and one opened-mouth head, with fanged petals completely unfurled. The highly detailed paint application captures every ripple of the petals and each ridge of the enclosed mouth. Both pairs of hands, in resting and threatening gestures, highlight the Demogorgon’s dangerous elongated claws.

Interdimensional Predator

Hailing from another dimension entirely, the Demogorgon combines the behavior of our planet’s most fearsome apex predators: the nocturnal activity of a lion, the silent stalking of a coyote, the solitary power of a bear, and finally a shark’s insatiable thirst for blood. Its outer appearance, of course, is nothing like these familiar beasts. Instead, the Demogorgon is a creation of absolute and utter terror.

With its tall, lanky humanoid body, the Demogorgon would strike a fear into anyone who crosses its path. Long limbs all end in razor-sharp claws and feet that are expertly adapted for hunting. The Monster’s flesh appears to be all tendons and sinews that are pulled tight with every shriek and howl. But the most terrifying part of The Monster (which is saying a lot) is undeniably the head.

Rows of fangs outline each of the petals on the Demogorgon’s head. When it’s waiting to attack, the petals are closed like a bud waiting to blossom. But in full attack mode, the petals splay outward to reveal a gaping mouth that devours anything in its path.

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