An ‘Epic’ Star Wars collection!

Josh Bodwell

Location: Pennsylvania

As anyone that has tuned in to my show Epic Ink on A&E has seen, I’m a nerd and obsessed with Star Wars. I have been a Star Wars collector since childhood, and the hobby really picked up in my 20’s. But when my girlfriend bought me a Sideshow Ventress Premium Format statue as a surprise for my birthday, all bets were off! I started selling off my collectables to purchase more of the Premium Format line, as well as a few 1/6th scale and life sized busts.
Besides having about 90% of the Premium Format line, I think my collection really showcases the art and design of, what I feel is, the most interesting side of the galaxy! It’s the stuff that has always inspired me as an artist. Sideshow has done an amazing job of capturing the essence of these characters and showcase the incredible work the original character designers did with these iconic figures.