Frank Frazetta Day: Sideshow Facebook Group Members Celebrate Frazetta’s Legacy

Frank Frazetta was a legendary fantasy and science fiction artist who created some of the most iconic images in the 20th century. Frank Frazetta’s highly recognizable style is still alive today, influencing artistic aesthetics and designs that we see in current 21st-century comics and movies.

In honor of Frank Frazetta’s February 9 birthday, Sideshow is celebrating this incredible artist’s legacy with our Frank Frazetta Day event. And ahead of this special celebration day, we asked our Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group members to share what Frank Frazetta’s art means to them. See what they had to say about his impact on Facebook, or browse some amazing responses below.

Since I was a kid, I’ve been a fan of his art. I remember first discovering his work in our local library on the old Edgar Rice Burroughs books. I was instantly drawn in because of his cover art. I used to try to mimic his artwork as a child. In recent years, I discovered he worked on John Wayne comics, which always makes me smile because my dad was a huge fan. Some of my Frazetta favorites are his western pieces; his style of art works beautifully with the old wild west genre. These are a few books and comics that I currently own that feature his incredible artwork. — Jessi Dawn Cowan

My dad loves Frazetta’s art. I took up the joy of it, as well. We collected cards of his, together back in the 90s when they came out. Still have them. My main bit of his art is my original Vampirella Magazine #1. — Chad McNeely

I was born in 1971, so the late 70s and early 80s had a big impact on my aesthetic. The first Frazetta art I remember seeing was Silver Warrior on the side of a van. That image has never left me. Death Dealer I is such an iconic image and is the one I automatically associate with Frazetta. — Pete Tano

Frank Frazetta was my favorite fantasy artist of all time. When they made Fire & Ice, I was mesmerized!!! One of my all time favorite fantasy animated flicks [is] based on his work. — Arik Esquilin

Frazetta is one of the main reasons I love Conan the Barbarian. His art style captures the raw and savage intensity of Conan’s world. I hope to add more Frazetta to my wall art display. — Jordan Green

Frazetta pretty much shaped the look [of] modern “fantasy” art for me. I actually got a chance to see one of his originals in an exhibition last year, “The Brain” from 1967. — Richard Anderson

I fell in love with his work due to my father who was a huge fan of his art, even has the albums he did the art on, I hope I still have them. — Bold Jake

I grew up on sci-fi / fantasy art when I first saw Frazetta’s artwork on calendars, posters and Heavy Metal Magazine next to Olivia De Berardinis’ while playing D&D, there’s artwork of dragons and other fantasy creatures in Middle-earth, barbarians, etc. That realm he and others created on media is a great escape to explore and I couldn’t get enough of that freedom to wander. — Frederick Lam

My wife and I were lucky enough to be able to see some of Frank Frazetta’s originals, while they were part of a special exhibit at a convention. Robert Rodriguez introduced a documentary he made about Frazetta, where he had surprised Frank Miller with seeing them in person. Miller was absolutely awestruck… Miller’s earnest reaction was emotional to say the least and made quite an impact on me. After the panel with Rodriguez, we went to see Frazetta’s work at the exhibit, and it was absolutely awe inspiring. — Brenton Marley Methot Walker

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