Fan-Made Imperial Scout Trooper on Speeder Bike quadcopter racing past trees is epic

Who needs the Force when you’ve got a quadcopter?

A few weeks ago, this fan-made remote controlled Millenium Falcon blew our minds. Now Star Wars fan Adam Woodworth has created a remote controlled Imperial Speeder Bike quadcopter that puts him right in the driver’s seat!

Inspired by his new hobby of FPV (First Person Video) multi-rotor racing, the fast, low level flying of his new hobby instantly reminded of the Endor chase scene from Return of the Jedi.

Created from a Hasbro ‘Power Of The Force’ series sixth scale Speeder Bike, Adam made heavy modifications, including carbon fiber supports for the propeller motors, wiring, and electronics so it could be piloted remotely. He even went so far as to hide a tiny camera in the Scout Trooper’s helmet, providing some awesome first-person footage in flight.

The end result is what you see in the video below: a glorious, relatively slow-going and realistic trooper zipping through the trees.

Seriously, Star Wars Collectible fans, look at this thing. It brings one of the best scenes from Return Of The Jedi to life in an straight up magical way.

Now we just need a quadcopter Death Star…

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