Father’s Day Is Coming- Have You Made Your Wishlist Yet?

Geek dads across the galaxy- Father’s Day is soon! If you’re looking for a way to help your family find the perfect gift for your unique geek style, Sideshow has you covered.

Using our “Sideshow Wishlist” and “Drop a Hint” functions, you can assemble your ideal Avengers collection, unite the Justice League on your shelf, or form a rebellion of Star Wars collectibles and then share that list with friends, partners, coworkers, and even your greatest nemesis! It’s the perfect way to let the people in your life know how to celebrate you.

So, how does it work?

Sideshow Wishlist

Take the guesswork out of collecting with personalized and strategized wishlists! First, you will need a Sideshow.com account, which also allows you to access 5% in rewards on purchases, flexible payment plans, and more. Once signed into your account, you will be able to add any item on our website to your own personal account wishlist.

Just look to the information sidebar on the product page you want to save, and then hit the “Add to Wishlist” button.

From there, you will see the option to add the item to a wishlist that is saved on your account. You can even make multiple personalized wishlists with unique names to keep your Star Wars separate from your Star Trek, or your heroes apart from your villains. Get as specific as you want- this is YOUR wishlist!

Once you’ve done that, you can visit your account page and set your lists to private (for your eyes only) or public (which can be shared with friends and family). The power is entirely in your hands!

We suspect things might have been a little easier for Thanos if he had been able to make a wishlist of Infinity Stones he still needed in his collection. Don’t delay- start a wishlist before Father’s Day for your best chance to get what you really want.

Drop a Hint

Geek dads across the galaxy- Father's Day is soon! If you're looking for a way to help your family find the perfect gift for your unique geek style, Sideshow has you covered. Using our "Sideshow Wishlist" and "Drop a Hint" functions, you can assemble your ideal Avengers collection, unite the Justice

Browsing our website, you come across the perfect addition to your collection… But how do you let your family and friends know where to find it? That’s where dropping a hint comes in. This function allows you to directly send a gentle push to your loved ones with all the details for the exact item you want, even without being logged in to a Sideshow account. Let us do the rest of the nudging, winking, and persuading for you.

Just navigate to the information sidebar on any product page on our site, locate the “Drop a Hint” button just under the “Add to Wishlist” button, fill out the form (which asks for the name and email address of the message recipient, as well as your name and email address, along with an optional custom message), and you’re done!

For more information on how to use the Drop a Hint feature on Sideshow.com, check out our Drop a Hint reference page. Then, try it out on some of Sideshow’s exciting In-Stock collectibles. (Consider this our hint to you!)

Gift Ideas for Geeky Dads

Whether you’re looking for cool collectibles for the home, the office, or your personal secret geek lair away from the family, here are some awesome gift ideas to add to your wishlist for this Father’s Day.

For the Home:

  • Looking for pop culture drinkware? Check out our selection of Tiki Mug collectibles, including Mondo mugs, Geeki Tikis, and more!
  • Want a fun family activity that poses a creative challenge? Don’t miss these puzzles and activities you can enjoy!

For the Office:

  • There’s never a bad time to flaunt your geeky flair. Check out these sleek luxury watches that feature designs inspired by your favorite Star Wars characters.

For the Wall:

  • Get the gift of high-quality, custom-framed fine art prints, HD aluminum metal prints, and gallery wrapped canvases. Sideshow’s Art Print Program offers art from all of your favorite universes as imagined by world-class artists like J. Scott Campbell, Olivia De Berardinis, Alex Ross, and more.

For the Shelf:

  • For the Hot Toys collector, be sure to check out all of the available Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figures on Sideshow.com. Don’t miss a single release! These figures feature expert tailoring on their costumes, countless accessories, high articulation, and uncanny likenesses. A must-have for any collector!
  • Be sure to browse Sideshow’s extensive catalogue of distributed items from luxury manufacturers like PCS Collectibles (Street Fighter, Transformers), Iron Studios (Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons), Prime 1 Studio (Berserk, DC Comics, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt), DC Direct, and more!

This Father’s Day, don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!