Meet this week’s Featured Collector!

Wally Wingert

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Started Collecting: As a young child I loved setting my room up as a museum, making paper tickets and passing them out to friends so they could come tour my museum.  Strangely enough, as I got older I never abandoned the love of showing off my stuff to my friends.  (I did, however, abandon the paper ticket idea!)  Now that I have set up Planet Wallywood, my entire house is a museum, with things to see in every room…

I’m fairly eclectic in my interests. There’s a talking Darth Vader Life Size Bust next to a three foot tall Pinocchio marionette made by the Bob Baker Marionette Studios, Andy Kaufman standing next to a giant Mike and Sulley, lightsabers underneath a screen-used fembot costume and a sport jacket from the TV show “Mannix.”  And in my garage I have a 1974 Gran Torino painted like the one used in “Starsky & Hutch.”  People have been coming here for years and are still discovering things they’ve never seen before!