Forget the Death Star, these Stormtroopers are building a Christmas tree

Carrying out the orders from Lord Vader himself, these Stormtroopers are getting into the holiday spirit.

In this hilariously festive Star Wars figure photo series that’s sweeping the internet, father and son Kyle and Phil Shearrer from Columbia, Missouri documented their Imperial sixth scale soldiers assembling their Christmas tree, with a little help from the Force. Let the festivities begin! Watch the story unfold below:

They began by scouting out a location

This is the one they’re looking for


The Rebels haven’t gotten a hold of these plans…yet


Some of the troopers were more motivated than others…


No! Use the FORCE not the FORKS!

He’s fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you… How are you?

Wrangling the family dewback

Making some good progress now

Lord Vader approves

Mission accomplished!

Let the countdown begin!

Huzzah! The Force Awakens is almost here!