Get Extra Rewards When You Share The Child Life-Size Figure!

If you’re reading this, we know that you most likely already have our cuddly Star Wars collectible friend on order. Whether you’re a collector or an elite bounty hunter, no one can resist tracking down the galaxy’s most adorable bounty.

But are you gushing about it online? Sharing The Child Life-Size Figure with every friend, enemy, and stranger on social media? Why not earn 2% back in Sideshow Rewards while doing so?

Using Sideshow’s Refer-a-Friend feature, you can do just that and earn $7 in rewards for every unique pre-order of The Child Life-Size Figure you refer. Instructions below!

"Baby Yoda"- The Child Life-Size Figure from Sideshow

It is super simple. This is the way:

  • Log into your Sideshow Account.
  • Go to The Child Life-Size Figure product page.
  • Click the ‘share/refer’ button on the right side of the page.
  • Choose how you want to share.

You can also visit your online account area to get your custom ‘Refer a Friend’ link – as well as generate links to any other Sideshow page.

It seems the whole world is talking about The Child – get in on the action! Secure your pre-order and then share with a friend- no tracking fobs needed.

For more details on Sideshow’s Refer-a-Friend program, visit our help desk article.