Get to Know the Highly-Detailed Artistry of Hot Toys in New Special Look Video

As the new year begins, there are countless exciting events in pop culture to look forward to, and countless upcoming collectibles for fans to celebrate their favorite franchises.

Continuing an unparalleled legacy of craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation, our friends and partners at Hot Toys have released this exciting special look at how their highly-detailed collectibles are conceptualized and created to bring beloved fictional universes closer to home.  Looking ahead to 2019 and beyond, they will only continue to raise the bar for collectible culture in new and exciting ways.

Check out this new Hot Toys video to learn more about this incredible company and what’s in store for their future!

The creativity, passion, and dedication of the entire Hot Toys team shines in every incredible collectible they design!  Every year they continue to bring fans to countless imaginative worlds, putting collectors face to face with their favorite characters in pop culture- and 2019 is shaping up to be another exciting year!

To bring home the incredible artistry of Hot Toys to your own collection, be sure to check’s full offerings of Hot Toys collectibles.